Althea P posted a list on her blog & I thought it was a great way to appreciate all the little things & blessings I have & enjoy.
1~ cuddling at night & waking up cuddling with Jason in the mornings
2~ Moe jumping on the loveseat to hang out with me.
3~ Noone yelling or cussing at me on the phone at work today.
4~ Discovering a new great lunch spot that had an AWESOME grilled chicken wrap.
5~ nesting at night
6~ breakfast for dinner & leftover waffles for breakfast
7~ reality TV (BigBrother9, Real World, Survivor, The Hills, American Idol, John & Kate+8, etc)
8~ pedicures (done myself or at a salon)
9~ open-toed shoes
10~ new Lilly Pulitzer top (found at TJ Maxx~thanks Brooke for the find!)