Oh my! Stephen King’s 11/22/63 novel is technically my local book club’s Nov pick. When I saw how big it was, I ditched the library book & borrowed it off my husband’s kindle, & since it’s a doozie, I went ahead & read it in August for Nov while I had a lull in my TBR stack. I’ve debated waiting til after book club to post, but I don’t want to accidentally forget.

I can’t wait to talk about it with my friends. So much happens on 11/22/63 that it’s hard to write a review without giving away any spoilers or too much inside information.

This is the first Stephen King book I ever read. I don’t do suspense books often & can’t even think about watching a scary movie & going to sleep that night. So I didn’t leap at the thought of this one at first.

I recalled the husband obsessing over this book to my annoyance last Christmas. Now I get it. {Sorry J!} 11/22/63 is a page turner & I was left repeating ‘holy shit’ more times than I can count from beginning to end.

All the connections to other King novels I thought were really cool. I like when writers casually link their books as a little gift to loyal readers {my Dad & husband filled me in on a lot of these nuances}.

The premise of 11/22/63 intrigued me: if you could go back in time & change the course of history, would you? Could you?

I don’t/didn’t know much about John Kennedy’s assignnation & the events leading up to it, but Stephen King did his research. I loved that while reading 11/22/63, I was so emotionally into this book. I was completely hooked.

I fell in love with Jake/George’s character. I cheered for fellow tall girl Sadie. I learned to see Lee Harvey Oswald & his family like I’d never known them before.

I’ll be honest & say I didn’t love the ending. But after discussing with a coworker & my family, I agree it had to be that way. {Hope that’s not too spoilerish.}

Everyone from my dad, to my SIL to my younger coworker to myself has loved this book. It’s a bit of a time investment {especially if you’re a slower reader}, but I think it’s definitely worth it. 11/22/63 isn’t a story I’m going to forget anytime soon.


  1. Laura Case says:

    If you liked Stephen King’s writing but don’t want to read horror, he has a ton of non-horror short stories:

    – The Long Walk
    – The Body (basis for the movie Stand By Me)
    – Shawshank Redemption

    He also has what I would rate as suspense rather than horror:

    – Misery
    – Under the Dome
    – Eyes of the Dragon (fantasy)
    – The Stand

    I’ve read everything he’s published… I think he is the most underrated modern writer because he chose horror!
    Laura Case recently posted..Yes, I know sometimes I sound like an ad for North Carolina

  2. Judy says:

    11/22/63 is my all time favorite book. The whole idea of going back in time and changing history is so intriguing. I wanted the book to keep going. You are right it ended the only way it really could end.I read it a year ago but I still think about it. It’s good to know that other people loved/obsessed over this book too.

    Anyone who doesn’t have the time to sit and read the book should check out their local library to see if they have it on CD’s. My former coworker had an hour commute each way so she used the time to listen to it. It still took a long time to listen to it but it’s a good way to kill a 2 hour commute. (As long as you can focus on driving while listening to such a fascinating story.)

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