Monday’s appt was short & sweet. It took us longer to get there & back than it lasted but that’s ok.
They did the appt normal: pee in a cup, weigh me, take my blood pressure {all good}. Then we met with the doctor. Have I mentioned how comfortable with are with him. He’s awesome. He asked how we were doing & answered all my questions. {Of course once I got home I remembered more questions I’d forgotten to ask but nothing that can’t wait.}
Next up? Ultrasound number six! Sadly, after he was finished I realized we’d been too enthralled with watching the babies to remember to take a photo & he hadn’t printed out any. 🙁 They were able to do the yummy ultrasound & we could see all three. As usually A was a bit of the camera hog rolling around & showing off. The dr deemed A the “wiggle worm” because it was moving so much that he had to take a minute to get the heart beat {which was in the 160s}. Baby B & C were more chill. Baby B looked a little squished & still had a heartbeat in the 180s while baby C’s was also in the 160s. Doctor wasn’t alarmed that C’s heartbeat was a little high.
We have a three week break from doctor’s appointments {the longest we’ve gone so far without seeing the babies}. We go back Jan 9th but will be busy with Christmas & New Years & getting back to work until then, so I know the time will fly by. Fingers crossed that we can finally tell boy/girl parts at that 15 week check up! If not, then we’ll definitely know at the 18 week anatomy scan Jan 31st!