I’m copying my twitter buddy Sara, that I’m meeting in like 8 hours!, and making an 8 themed post. Here’s a peek into my favs:

8 TV Shows I Like To Watch:
1- Survivor
3- The Pacific
4- Real World/Road Rules Challenges
5- The Amazing Race
6- Private Practice
7- Oprah
8- 24

8 Favorite Places to Eat/Drink:
1- Lynnwood Grill
2- Chickfila
3- Bonefish
4- 518 W
5- The Isles
6- Brixx
7- Carolina Ale House
8- Mura

8 Things I’m Looking Forward to:
1- Meeting lots of online friends today!
2- Meeting & having The Pioneer Woman sign her cookbook
3- See & hanging out with “Annie” tonight!
4- Being able to spend a little time with my grandparents while in CLT
5- Lots of weekends at OIB this summer.
6- Us continuing our journey of TTC (& make a post about all that soon)
7- Seeing a coworkers brand new baby
8- Having a weekend home with Jason next weekend

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1- Had a busy day at work
2- Ate PB&J for lunch & it was yummy!
3- Enjoyed our book club discussion & seeing baby Margo
4- Return switch that we bought for updated bathroom but it didn’t fit
5- Watched Survivor & The Pacific
6- Ate leftovers for dinner
7- Did laundry & packed for trip
8- Forgot to feed my cat dinner (oops!!)

8 Things I like About Winter:
1- Christmas & being with family
2- Spending time with family over the holidays
3- My birthday
4- Decorating for holidays
5- Snow (especially if it means a lil time off work)
6- Apple Cider
7- Holiday food that you don’t get any other time all year like pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole, Christmas cookies
8- Annual day after Christmas shopping with Mom & Nana

8 Things I’m Passionate About:
1- Husband
2- Family
3- Recycling
4- Trying to be more green in general
5- Being Christian
6- Pets
7- Reading
8- can shopping & clothes be a passion?!

8 Phrases I Use Often:
1- a lot
2- contractions like don’t, can’t, etc.
3- y’all
4- “Underwriting this is Suzanne” all day long at work
5- husband
6- that’s fine or you’re fine
7- will you bring me a diet coke/beer?
8- have we fed the cat?

8 Things I Have Learned from the Past:
1- You won’t remember what grade you got on a specific test, you’ll remember how much fun you had with friends.
2- Don’t dwell on the past
3- Hide shoes with laces & shut closet doors so cat doesn’t eat your stuff!
4- Tuck in your sheets & comforters so he doesn’t eat those too
5- Friends & family are there for you
6- Wear sunscreen
7- Don’t use tanning beds; they cause pre-cancerous moles.
8- Don’t drink rum & coke; it make you gag at the smell.

8 Places I would Like to See/Visit:
1- After last nights book club, I’d love to go see Anne Frank’s house
2- Italy
3- Bermuda
4- St Lucia
5- Any Sandals resort
6- Napa Valley
7- Spend more time in San Fran (only drove through it)
8- Maine

8 Things I Currently Want/Need:
1- To get our “office”/catch all room cleaned & organized
2- To get things done at work (but blogging can be more fun!)
3- After more shopping trip two weekends ago, I think I’m set for spring/summer 🙂
4- More quality time with hubby
5- A tan! I can’t wait to have long weekend at the beach soon!
6- To have more time with my mom’s mom who’s not doing well
7- For husband to get his first paycheck from new job
8- For us to pay off credit cards!