Wow. It’s taken me two weeks to share my favorite posts of 2012. I ended up re-reading most of my posts; taking myself back to that moment & even shedding some {happy & sad} tears. What a year 2012 was for my family. I was trying to limit these to my one-two favorite posts per month. I think I ended up with four {or more!} for each though.

January was almost all happy posts. I shared about being thankful to friends & family, how I was eating for four, my 18 week updategrieving life as I knew it based on ‘triplets’, & a few days of sickness {that ended up timing exactly when the ultrasound tech said baby B stopped forming. I’m still wondering if that’s just a sad coincidence}.

February posts start off hard. I shared the results of our 18 week big ultrasound in two posts: one about the loss of baby B & another about babies A & C. Then my babies showers began later that month. First up was my owl themed friends shower then was my coworker friends shower.

March, we made some decisions.  Then updated them. Family friends in VA threw us a shower. And we ended the month by purchasing a minivan!

April was packed! I had a work shower, revealed the babies’ names, thought I was in labor, made & updated our prebabies to-do list, took a bunch of classes & got ready to cloth diaper.

May was an unforgetable month for our household. We did maternity photos just in the nick of time. I blissfully unaware turned 32 weeks right before pPROM’d the following day. I made it on bedrest to 34 weeks & shared my thoughts on my last pregnant daysZach arrived at 2:59a May 21st & Lucy followed almost 8.5 hours later.

June was busy at home & slow on the blog. I shared my Bell’s Palsey & a look back at our almost two weeks of NICU life. I also talked about breastfeeding the duo.

July I shared how breastfeeding was going, a day in the life with 6 week old preemies, the nicknames for L & Z & my crazy postpartum issues.

August was when I started sharing our favorites of our delivered food in Make Ahead Meals. Jason went back to work & I vented about elusive sleep & hard breastfeeding days.

September meant beginning to get the hang of being a mom & going back to work. The babies took their first trip to Charlotte for B & Kevin’s shower.

October, I began writing for Liberating Working Moms; posting my decision to go back to work & how I make it work for us. I talked about cloth diapering at daycare, our love of Apple Cheeks diapers & my newborn twin must haves. We took the babies to their first pumpkin patch & I shared thoughts on the best diet ever. We celebrated Halloween at daycare.

November started off with a trip to VA & ended the month with Thanksgiving at OIB. Otherwise it was a bit of a confessional month. I shared my definition of family, I talked about pumping at work twice on LWM, I disclosed that we were no longer a pet family, I confessed that I was feeling overwhelmed, & then I updated after their 6 mo appt & starting solids.

December is one of my favorite months. The babies met Santa, we got their first Christmas tree, I turned 31, & I shared our Christmas card. I posted a Working with Style on LWM {that ended up being featured on BlogHer. I did an updated day in our life. Lucy {& then Zach} got hand foot & mouth & Zach {& then Lucy} got their two bottom teeth & then we ended up spending the last days of 2012 sick.