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Archive for February 28, 2013

Family Dinner

We’ve started something new this week. Family dinners: all four of us sitting around the table together eating. Two parents in chairs, two babies in high chair seats {strapped to regular chairs} lined up next to each other & facing me.

Y’all, it’s made my heart happy & made me feel like my babies are really growing up.

This week it’s worked out for Jason been home three out of five nights when the babies & I arrived after work/daycare. And last night, the babies evening nap lasted until 7p allowing me not only fix bottles & start diaper laundry, but to put a baked spaghetti in the oven & warm up purees too, so that dinner was ready for all four of us when Jason walked in the door around 730p.

Dinner around the table is lovely. It’s different than dinner around the table just the two of us from a year ago. It’s louder, crazier, messier & seats are rearranged. But it’s so much better.

It’s better than shoving food in while standing in the kitchen holding a baby, eating while nursing two or while sitting on the floor eating with one hand & babies wrangling with the other which are the three ways I’ve been eating for the majority of the last nine months. Those have been fun too & I wouldn’t trade those moments.

But goodness y’all, this is like a glimpse into our future.

And it looks good. And I’m loving it.

Nine Month Appointment Update

We had Lucy & Zach’s 9 mo pediatrician appointment this morning.

I wasn’t shocked by Lucy being 17.5 lb & 27 in long. Still right above the 25th percentile. She took her Hep shot like a champ & was deemed perfectly healthy. Ped said see ya in three months!

Now onto Zacher. He’s still little. I said in his 9 mo update that I hoped he was over 14 lbs. My secret goal was for him to be over 15 lbs. He’s 14.5 lb & 26 in long. He’s under the 1 percentile for length {for first time} & well under the 1 percentile for weight. Da dum.

I was nervous & yet kinda prepared & not shocked by this y’all. He doesn’t eat well when he’s sick. He’s more easily distracted while nursing. I think he stops when he has to work for milk while nursing. He doesn’t eat purees well.

The dreaded “failure to thrive” wasn’t said or even mentioned. He’s been gaining weight. Just not as much weight as they want to see.

So what are we going to do? Here’s the plan. We go back on March 25th for a weight check. Between then & now, we’re going to introduce more finger foods {since he likes to feed himself}. He loved yogurt at daycare the other day & our ped said that was great to add calories, so I’m going to stock up on yobaby. I’m going to try mashed potatoes with him tonight & maybe pasta later this week. We’ll keep trying purees & continue to fatten those up with rice cereal &/or oatmeal mixed in.

And as for nursing/breast milk/bottles/formula. This is where my heart’s a little sad. Since I know my supply in the afternoon & evenings has gotten low, we’re going to give him bottles for these two post-daycare feedings. This way we can fortify them with a teaspoon of enfacare {like we already do to his daycare bottles} & we can also know for sure that he’s getting the 5-6 oz a bottle that he needs. The plan is to continue to nurse him overnight & in the mornings as long as he seems satisfied. If he doesn’t seem satisfied, we’ll add a bottle after we nurse.

Thank God for my crazy pumping over the summer. We’ll be going through my stash more rapidly now & I’m going to keep pumping three times a day at work. Our plan

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is for me to keep nursing Lucy as she’s growing well on her curve & seems a more focused & patient nurser. I’ll either offer her both sides in the evenings or pump the other side if necessary.

Anyone have ideas for healthy yet fatty foods for 9 mo old who doesn’t love purees? Other tips to fatten up a skinny boy?

Zach: Nine Months

Oh things are busy in our house these days!

Zach went from reluctantly crawling just after his last month day to taking off & speed crawling. He loves pulling up on everything too. He doesn’t like to be confined in exersausers or seats for long, but he’ll play on the ball table for a while then stretch out his arm to reach for the next toy.

His monkey &/or tiger wubba nub pacis are kept close by. He’s a fan of Sophie & rings/keys he can shake & bang too.


Zach 9 mos {& 1 day}

Zach’s smile is a lady & dude killer – people stop to tell us how stinkin cute he is all the time. And we agree! He smiles freely & has started sharing his soft voice with us more & more. Zach is also now saying dadada along with ga & ba & wonderful giggles & laughs.

Zach is still our little guy. We’ll know for sure after their 9 mo appt, but I’m guessing he’s around 14 lbs. He’s wearing a 3-6 mo gymboree outfit. The sleeves are a bit short but it otherwise fits great. I’ve been transitioning him to 6 mo onesies & pants for length & am thankful to the bulk of cloth diapers for helping hold up the pants!

He’s moved into size 2 disposable diapers; Huggies naturals & honest co ones don’t give him blisters so we stick with them overnight. We can still put Zach in small sized cloth diapers & one sized diapers on the small setting.

Zach 9 mos

I think Zach benefited from my being gone a couple days, we learned he needed more than 5oz in his bottles plus he had fortified milk for those couple days. I think it might’ve added a lil weight. His separation anxiety with me might be a lil better. I think dude might’ve just been really hungry. He still nurses with me before & after daycare & overnight, but we sometimes give him a half bottle before bed.

Zach is still not a big puree fan. But homeboy loves mum mums, puffs & yogurt melts. I load up his tray with those & he’ll go at it. I’ll try to sneak in some fruits & veggies when he opens his mouth for another puff.

Zach now has four teeth. The top two arrived the first weekend in Feb & are really growing in. He teethes like a champ. We don’t even realize it until I reach in his mouth & find a tooth! Seriously easy, happy lil guy.

Happy 9 months {a few days late} Zach!

I’ve decided to add the Baby Center milestones to their posts as I think they’re pretty well caught up developementally.

Master Skills {most kids can do}: Stands while holding onto something YES
Jabbers or combines syllables SOMETIMES
Understands object permanence YES

Emerging Skills {half of kids can do}: Cruises while holding onto furniture YES
Drinks from a sippy cup WE HAVEN’T REALLY TRIED MUCH
Eats with fingers YES!
Bangs objects together YES

Advanced Skills {a few kids can do}: Plays patty-cake and peek-a-boo NOPE
Says “mama” or “dada” to the correct parent NOPE

Lucy: Nine Months

Lucy girl is wild & crazy & awesome these days. She loves being on the go & only slows down typically when she’s hungry or sleepy which is when we can sneak some cuddles.

Girl loves some jewelry! She’s holding on to my necklace as I one finger type right now. Everything goes into her mouth. A top tooth broke through two weekends ago but we have a lot of drool & chewing as we await the other one. As you can see from the photos below even paper &

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stickers aren’t safe from the Lucy girl’s gums.

Lucy 9 mos + 1 day

Lucy 9 mos {& 1 day}

Lucy crawls like a champ. And she can also pull up on anything sturdy & somethings that aren’t. I’m often thankful for her fluffy cloth diaper butt for padding. Lucy’s not afraid to crawl over anything or one that’s in her way of what she wants. This typically means Zach’s getting half ran over but also led this past week to her scratching another daycare baby.

Lucy & Zach moved up to the Infant 2 room the first week of Feb. All the babies are 6-12 mos & most are mobile. Its a great fit for them.

And y’all, peer pressure & dedication works. Its like something clicked in Lucy & by the first weekend in Feb, she was eating a lil applesauce on a spoon from my Mom. Lucy’s become a puree eating champ. Ive continued to make some & weve tried yo baby yogurts as well as a variety of fruits & veggies {thanks to my MIL for buying a bunch of pouches}. I’m adding probiotics in the yogurt & rice cereal or oatmeal in the runnier purees. While she will put mum mums, puffs Cheerios & yogurt melts in her mouth, she can kinda take or leave them for the most part. This solids eating has lifted a major worry off my shoulders. I now firmly believe everything in their own time.

And speaking of time, I’ve had a lil more of it {& sleep} recently since Lucy sleeps through the night I’d say 5 out of 7 nights. She’s usually down between 815-930 & wakes up between 630-730. She’ll nap a few times a day – 30-45 min naps to & from daycare & a couple hour nap at daycare.

Lucy’s wearing size 3 Luvs & sharing Zach’s size 2 Honest diapers at night. She’s still in mostly one sized or medium sized cloth diapers for daytime. My busy body has been peeing out the sides of M BG AIO diapers. We might have to start stuffing them.

Lucy wears mostly 9 month or 6-9 mo clothes with a few 6 mo favorites squeezed on as tops vs tunics. She’s in 9-12 mo the children’s place onesies & pants. I racked up on their $2.99 sale & have been loving what I bought from TCP for her.

Lucy is still a bit of a daddy’s girl & added da da to her vocal favorites within the last month. I’m so jealous & keep repeating mama mama to {so far} no avail.

Her personality is really shining through these days & its so cute. She’s a little bit serious & slower to smile, but Lucy has the best laugh.

Happy belated 9 months Lucy girl!

I’ve decided to add the Baby Center milestones to their posts as I think they’re pretty well caught up developementally.

Master Skills {most kids can do}: Stands while holding onto something YES
Jabbers or combines syllables YES
Understands object permanence I THINK SO

Emerging Skills {half of kids can do}: Cruises while holding onto furniture YES
Drinks from a sippy cup WE HAVEN’T REALLY TRIED MUCH
Eats with fingers YES
Bangs objects together I THINK SO

Advanced Skills {a few kids can do}: Plays patty-cake and peek-a-boo NOPE
Says “mama” or “dada” to the correct parent NOPE

Zoey’s Attic Giveaway Winner

Huge thank you to all who entered the Zoey’s Attic giveaway. Zoey’s Attic was great to work with & I have my eye on some Easter onesies right now for Lucy & Zach!

And because I just discovered these off the DSLR… More Lucy & Zach!

DSLR Zoeys Attic

There were 37 comments on the giveaway. I shot over to & the lucky winner was…

Commenter #36…


Congratulations Jaime C! I’ll be sending you an email shortly with your $35 gift code to Zoey’s Attic.

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