Today marks one week into my 20th cycle TTC’s dreaded two week wait.

I had some unknown & unexplained CM & spotting last weekend that left me uncertain & even a little afraid. I was thinking, did I ovulate when the shot was supposed to make me? Is this because of Friday’s second Ovridrel shot? Am I just dehydrated? Is something wrong & I’m already getting my period 3 days later? Really it doesn’t take much to make this TTC girl’s mind start spinning. {if you have any idea what this could, let me know!}

But by Sunday, things had gone away or cleared up. I’ve been doing the progestrone supps {yes, even while rooming with strangers friends at BlogHer}. They’re a mess, but by now I’m used to the progesterone & I really believe they help.

You’d think with all that’s going on in running around & traveling this week that I’d have this 2WW pushed waaaay into the back of my mind. I have to say, yes it has definitely helped the days quickly pass. I haven’t had time to focus on all the little crazies that come with the 2WW {is that twing implantation? bloating bc too many diet cokes today or pregnancy? the list can go on}. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know exactly what dpO I am {8 since you asked} & when I’ll be able to poas {probably beginning of the week once I’m back home}.

Fingers crossed that AF doesn’t show up in the rest of my time in San Diego {especially not while I’m wearing my khaki skirt!} & that I’ll be able to make & go to a beta appointment next Wednesday.