Forty-two weeks into my project 365. This is not the most exciting week in photos as I’d returned home, unpacked & repacked for a long weekend away celebrating the wedding of my brother & new sister-in-law yesterday. There will be many wedding photo posts to come this week. For now, here’s my low-key last week.

Day 288: Saturday night after I got  my hair trimmed & highlighted, I was reminded by my friend Kelly of our friends Mike & Sarah’s homewarming party that night. I threw together the turkey cranberry pinwheels, Kelly made those amazing spinach artichoke squares, & away we went {Jason worked so I was again their third wheel}. Thanks to wine left-over from their June wedding, the drinks were flowing & their beautiful house was nicely broken in!

Party time!

Day 289: Sunday, while husband was again working, I went to church, a walk/jog around a local lake, met friends for fro-yo, shopped for dinner at The Meat House, did laundry & cooked chicken for me & steak tips for husband. What I didn’t do? Take a single photo.

Day 290: I returned home Monday night exhausted from my first day back in 10 days to find Moe hiding out under the desk on the computer chair he has commandeered. Love that not-so-little guy.

Moekitty: I'm hiding. You can't see me.

Day 291: After a dinner of stuffed chicken breasts {also from The Meat House}, I took photo of these recent reads. Looks for new books posts on them soon.

current reads

Day 292: All packed & ready to go Wednesday. I don’t think Moe knew he was going to be home alone for four days.

Not planned but loving the polkda'd bags.

Day 293: Thursday began the wedding weekend festivities. How cool was the view from the presidental suite which served as Thursday’s cocktail party location & the bridal suite for the weekend?!

Brother & Seneca starting the celebration

Day 294: Friday was busy & deserves a post of it’s own {coming later this week I hope}. But here’s a preview of the fun with my last photos of the night of some of our favorite family friends Katie & Matt {with their new friend}.

This is why Katie & Matt are awesome!

How was your week?