Quick run through of a typical day with 6 week old twins. {This is Thurs 7/5}

1230a- Suz wake up from nap, grab a lemon muffin, start breastfeeding Lucy soon after.
130a- done breastfeeding, dress & change Lucy. Put her kangaroo style for snuggling. Play online on my phone as husband watches tv {we should be napping}
2a- Lucy & I snuggle & snooze a little
3a- put L down & pick up Zach. Change his diaper, undress & nurse him.
4a- holding Z, getting ready to pump when we realize L is waking up hungry. Give L to husband, change L’s diaper, undress her, start her nursing.
5a- my grandmother woke up so we sent Jason to bed. I gave L to Nana to rock & pumped.
615a- L woke up from her rock-n-play hungry! It’d only been an hour or so since I’d pumped but I tried nursing her.
645a- Z woke up to nurse & L was still going but upset. Z got upset too. So Nana heated up a bottle to split between them. They were freaking so much they weren’t eating well, so I woke Jason up to help.
8a- finally got them settled back down. Jason went to bed & I catnapped on the couch.
10a- Started feeding Z a lil before 10 then added L 1020. Both nursed really well. I ate a quick snack & pumped after they were done.
11a- Babies & I napped for a bit.
1230p- Z woke up to eat. Nana fixed me a sandwich.
120p- L woke up & nursed. Nice to have calm, individual nursing sessions.
2p- pumped, Jason woke up.
3p- I napped in bed from 3-5ish. Jason gave the babies fortified bottles around 3.
545p- I nursed both starting a lil before 6.
630p- Bath time. Zach, then Lucy.
7p- both cueing after bath so ‘top off’ nursed them to milk coma status.
730p- Sleeping babies {L in J’s then my arms}, so we ate dinner.
9p- tandem nursed both babies, Nana went to bed, I pumped.
11p- nursed Lucy.
1130p- nursed Z.

And I’m stopping there even though my night kept up until I got a nap after 3a bottle feeding. Are you exhausted yet?!