A Day in my Life

Quick run through of a typical day with 6 week old twins. {This is Thurs 7/5}

1230a- Suz wake up from nap, grab a lemon muffin, start breastfeeding Lucy soon after.
130a- done breastfeeding, dress & change Lucy. Put her kangaroo style for snuggling. Play online on my phone as husband watches tv {we should be napping}
2a- Lucy & I snuggle & snooze a little
3a- put L down & pick up Zach. Change his diaper, undress & nurse him.
4a- holding Z, getting ready to pump when we realize L is waking up hungry. Give L to husband, change L’s diaper, undress her, start her nursing.
5a- my grandmother woke up so we sent Jason to bed. I gave L to Nana to rock & pumped.
615a- L woke up from her rock-n-play hungry! It’d only been an hour or so since I’d pumped but I tried nursing her.
645a- Z woke up to nurse & L was still going but upset. Z got upset too. So Nana heated up a bottle to split between them. They were freaking so much they weren’t eating well, so I woke Jason up to help.
8a- finally got them settled back down. Jason went to bed & I catnapped on the couch.
10a- Started feeding Z a lil before 10 then added L 1020. Both nursed really well. I ate a quick snack & pumped after they were done.
11a- Babies & I napped for a bit.
1230p- Z woke up to eat. Nana fixed me a sandwich.
120p- L woke up & nursed. Nice to have calm, individual nursing sessions.
2p- pumped, Jason woke up.
3p- I napped in bed from 3-5ish. Jason gave the babies fortified bottles around 3.
545p- I nursed both starting a lil before 6.
630p- Bath time. Zach, then Lucy.
7p- both cueing after bath so ‘top off’ nursed them to milk coma status.
730p- Sleeping babies {L in J’s then my arms}, so we ate dinner.
9p- tandem nursed both babies, Nana went to bed, I pumped.
11p- nursed Lucy.
1130p- nursed Z.

And I’m stopping there even though my night kept up until I got a nap after 3a bottle feeding. Are you exhausted yet?!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t even imagine! I’ve been wondering what a typical day is like. Thanks so much for sharing!

    p.s. You are freaking AMAZING.

  2. LauraC says:

    Hey mama, I starred this to come back to and comment. It sounds like you have an awesome support system!

    We were able to deal with so little sleep for quite some time, then once we started getting looney, we switched to a shift system. I would pump then go to bed for 4 hours. Jon would feed the boys bottles so I could get some extended rest, then I would take the babies so he could sleep for 4 hours.

    No more assvice from me, I promise! But if you’re already pumping and bottle feeding, I wanted to throw that out there as an option. It took our sleep deprived brains a LONG TIME to figure out we could do this!! It felt amazing after so many weeks of 2 hour cat naps.

    • Suz says:

      Our typical shift is Jason to sleep a four hour shift midmorning & me to feed/pump then run to bed for a four-five hour sleep in bed from like 7-midnight both while our family helper is awake. That way we aren’t usually alone with both babies. We’ll both catnap on couch when babies are sleeping overnight &/or midday. So far, that’s working. We’re planning to transition them to cribs soon, so who know what that’ll do to our sleep.

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