Me sad, frustrated, happy, excited=shopping &/or eating.  I call a year of unsuccessful TTC all four of the former & the reason for my gaining 8+ pounds this year & doing a good amount of shopping recently.  But I’ve told Jason that my online {which has been the big one} shopping will be cut out.  Of course just that week {last week}, I’d ordered a casual purple dress & two skirts from Boden & a top from Gap.  oops. 

Thought I’d share with y’all me in the dark jean skirt since it arrived today.  I think it’ll look good with leggings & boots now & also with flip flops this summer.  Photo taken self-portrait style keeping on my caramel sweater from work.  Please ignore my scarily white legs!

I’m still undecided about the melon skirt but I think I’ll love it with tall boots.  I wore the dress yesterday {with brown leggings & the new Gap brown shirt} & I love it!  I think I could’ve ordered a size smaller in all three, but due to the weight gain & hopefully future baby sooner than later & being tired of tight clothes, I think I’ll be happy with that decision for the dress & jean skirt.  I tried on this coral skirt again & think I’ll exchange for the next size down.  These were my first Boden purchases & so far I’m impressed.  Love the free shipping & free returns too!

photos from Boden site

But since I’m putting it out there, y’all hold me to it~ no more shopping {at least for a lil while}. 😛