Breastfeeding at 10 months is all fun & games until someone gets hurt.

And by hurt, I mean bit {again}. And by bit, I mean 6 tiny teeth & blood & pain. And by blood & pain, I mean having to pump afterwards all that day at work.

No one said motherhood was easy.

A certain male baby is not deterred by my yelping & finger pointing & quick removal from nursing with Mommy. Lucy girl, on the other hand, cries when he does it, startled & sad. She gets comforted & all the nursing time while lil dude gets another fortified bottle. And I get Motrin & lanolin & probably a glass of wine.

{I’m not giving up on breastfeeding either babies at this point. Nor am I sharing photos of this. But this has happened two Sun nights/Mon mornings in a row. I’m open to suggestions &/or sympathy at this point.}