Another Project 365. Thirty-two weeks in & still going!

Day 225: Saturday night we grabbed dinner at Chow after running a few errands. Yay unplanned date night out. Chow

Day 226: Sunday I grocery shopped saving over $30 with coupons. I came home pumped & excited to cook for once, so I made Cheez It Chicken. Cheez It Chicken

Day 227: I met Courtney from Sullivan & Sawyer while at BlogHer. We made the connection that I’d won a giveaway from her but thanks to mail fails, I’d never received the burp cloths. She so sweetly sent me not one but four of them in prints I just love. Sullivan & Sawyer Burp Cloths

Day 228: Tuesday I pulled out the Koko bag that had been the HWTM swag bag. My coworkers thought it was a purse & were even more impressed it was a lunch bag. I love that it fits on my shoulder & kept everything cold until lunch time. KOKO Jenn lunch bag

Day 229: Wednesday night we sadly celebrated my coworker friend Eileen’s last week working with us with a happy hour at Lynnwood.

Day 230: Thursday morning’s RE appointment revealed two mature follicles. Thursday night meant Ovridrel & prompted this tmi TTC post. I didn’t take any photos.

Day 231: I took off my Essie polish & applied the Opi’s In The Spotlight Pink {also HWTM swag}. I love the clear but very subtly pink color. What was your best part of the week? Did you take any photos?