I’d promised an update about Monday’s appointment. This will be short & sweet. While I was so excited to see the babies {hoping to know boys/girls}, I was feeling too bad to really remember much {I really just wanted to get back on the couch}.

One of the nurses did my vitals including weight {I think I’m up 16 pounds} & took my temperature since I’d told her it was over 100 the night before {it was normal}. Our main nurse came to say hi once we got into a room then the MFM Dr G arrived soon after. We discussed pain/changes in the last couple of weeks; I mentioned last week’s back/sciatic pain & he ok’d the prenatal cradle {which a coworker has passed down to me} & swimming {anyone have an indoor pool?}. I asked for a note so that I can park close to my office {spot #7 now!} & gave him my HR/FMLA forms. We talked being sick with a cold while pregnant & he ok’d certain meds {Jason thankfully remembered these}.

Next up? Ultrasound time! The doctor remembered & mentioned that I really wanted to know sexes then so he really tried. I love that he explains what he’s seeing while checking out the babies. I also asked for photos this time since at the 12 week u/s we didn’t get any. As you can see in the photos below, the ultrasound resolution is very low.

Not labelled & I have no idea whos who.

Dr G searched super hard {it was probably the longest in that office u/s I’ve had}, but B & C weren’t cooperating/in positions for him to see boy/girl parts. The MFM suspects {his word} that baby A is a boy!

Three babies! Three heads!

Our next appt is the 18 week anatomy scan & its close to home {yay for no 35 min each way drive}. I’ve been told to bring snacks since they’ll spend about an hour on each baby! I’m so excited to really see them in high resolution {& know for sure boys/girls}. After that, it seems we’re going to appointments every two weeks with the next one set up for 2/14 {also at their close by office}.