Things just work out perfectly sometimes. Miranda‘s flight into San Diego was delayed while mine arrived early. Katie‘s was on time. We met up with hugs & squees as we dragged our luggage to the taxi line. $15 split three ways later, we’d arrived at the San Diego Marriott. We grabbed room keys, dropped off our luggage then headed out by the pool. BlogHer11 Wednesday NightWhile I have done little outside this summer in NC {besides sweat}, San Diego has the perfect hanging-out outside weather. Wednesday night they had the fire pits burning if that tells you anything. Miranda & I enjoyed a glass of wine. We met Jill, Jen & Kit, & took silly photos with Molly. I crashed with new found friends Kate, Jen & Alissa.

After Alissa & I’s first BlogHer night, Kate asked what we thought. Alissa said it reminded her of sorority recruitment & as I think back & compare the two, I couldn’t agree more. It’s trying your best to look cute but also kind of laid back & comfortable, days of being “on” all the time, & wanting others to like you & you them.

As that set of roommates left to work out, I met Diana & found our room. Miranda joined me there before we left to feast on the P&G sponsored breakfast of fresh fruit & muffins. Alena found us just in time to listen to Gretchen Rubin from The Happiness Project. My how-to-be happy notes: make your bed & keep clutter to a minimum & fake it til you make it.

My P&G hair appointment was at 1030. Before was my normal mousse & go Suz. I love the 20 minutes later curling iron’d Suz {which lasted all day & night long}. Alena’s hair was styled a little later & Miranda had her make-up done.

Alena, Miranda & I had planned to grab lunch outside of the hotel, but when we ran into a crowd of e-friends enjoying drinks on the pool side couches we could help but join in. My margarita & fish tacos were awesome!Time flies by surrounded by these amazing women. After a quick change, Krystal & I walked over to the Dragon’s Den for the Haute Green party. We were joined by BA, Jamie, Jill & Diana, Katie & Morgan as well. Swag included momma cloth, wipes & eight cloth diapers – I have built quite the pre-baby stash!!

Haute Green & Big Toy Sweet Suite PartiesI missed my Big Toy Book Sweet Suite time {thank goodness I quickly learned that party appointments are pretty flexible}, so I walked with BA around the Padres stadium to the Hard Rock Hotel. Welcome to toy overload! I played with a few toys, made a bracelet, enjoyed champagne, Pinkberry, & cupcakes before leaving with a mega swag bag full of games & toys. {bottom left photo from Mandy}

Some brave ladies & I walked over to the Babeland Toy Mixer. Different toys from my previous party. Loved hanging out with Eileen, Jen & Kit here too. Still laughing out loud at my TMI swag mistake.Social Soiree & Babeland Parties BlogHer11We all walked together over to the New Children’s museum for the Social Soiree party. All the roomies were together here for the first time. I had a quick class of wine & sent a few postcards home before grabbing the fabulous pink Scout swag bag & heading back to the hotel.

Everyone {yes, it seemed like everyone} went to party with the Clever Girls. Diana & I are Clever but never made it off the waiting list. Instead we had our own party at the Goin’ Coconuts 3M sponsored party at Roy’s. Diana & I stuffed ourselves with skewered chicken & shrimp, lobster-filled gnocchi, signature cocktails {& in her case mocktails}.Goin' Coconuts Party BlogHer11BlogHer sponsored People’s party was almost over when we finished chatting & walked over. Where I met Suzanne & then with Morgan & Linz, I was able to meet Jenny aka the Bloggess. After the party, I laughed over Miranda’s Clever Girls characture & couldn’t resist another photo with Ree. M & I then walked into the Queerosphere party next door just to talk to Katie, Nichole & Natalie. Add wine & infertility discussions meant sweet Nichole & I are crying & hugging. People's PartyCan you believe this is just one day of awesomeness & BlogHer officially hadn’t even started?!