Thanks for your encouragement & support on my post on baby B. She is missed. But everyday since Tuesday morning I’ve cried less & tried to continue to be excited about the blessings God has provided for us.

The shock we were feeling after hearing about baby B meant I was almost too out of it for the scans of babies A & C. Almost. But they’re so cute & getting so big that I couldn’t help but be happy to see them. In short, babies A & C are doing great. Baby A is head down, legs up vertically along the right side of my tummy. Baby A’s feet are right next to Baby C’s head. Baby C is horizontal above my belly button & right under my ribs. They measure right on schedule & all body parts are there & accounted for.

Speaking of body parts, my MFM’s suspected guess from our 15 week ultrasound was correct. Baby A is a BOY! & the now not-so-elusive baby C is a GIRL! I cried when I heard; I was so happy to have a healthy one of each.

Now that I know where A & C are located, I’ve realized I’m feeling them all the time. What I had *thought* were baby movements for the last few weeks are baby A punches! Baby C is actually moving around kicking me as I type this right now. My MFM offered for us to come back in later this week or next week for another ultrasound to hear & see the babies for reassurance. But these punches & kicks are fabulous & just what I need.

Our MFM/ultrasound tech I guess didn’t see absolutely everything for babies A & C, so they want to have us do another high resolution scan. He said it’s very normal for multiples & I think they knew we wanted to run away. We are just going to keep the appointment we already had scheduled at that location for two weeks from Tuesday {Valentine’s Day}. I’m looking forward to seeing A & C again soon. {by the way, we’re working on names now & I’ll reveal when we know for sure.}