Our ultrasound tech at the 28 week appointment Tuesday was awesome. He’d read our chart, knew the history, took time to point out all the parts & heartbeats & prove to us they’re looking great. That means so much & is really appreciated. The tech not only took the growth scan measurements of the babies, but said it’s fun to play with 4D photos too.

Baby A is most definitely still a boy {although I won’t show that photo} & was guesstimated to now weigh 2.9 lbs & at 45% on the singleton pregnancy growth chart for 28 weeks. Baby A is no longer head down~ he’s flipped to butt down with his head up along my right side next to hers. The thing in front of his lower face is the umbilical cord. The tech said it’s not wrapped around his neck but more like he was just playing with it at the time.

Baby C was guesstimated to weigh 3 pounds & is at 55% on the growth chart. She’s still transverse with her head on my right up by my ribs & bootie & feet on my left side. She faces down most of the time & the tech had to jiggle the wand over her to get her photo. She had her left arm across her face but then moved it to under her right ear when he snapped this photo {which is funny because that’s how I sleep!}. The thing on the left side of her photo is his head. That’s how close they are now.

Both babies have continued to measure bigger than their gestational age which impressed the tech & MFM we saw. Our main doctor ended up not being there, so we didn’t do any of the me checks nor did we have the discussion my doctor mentioned we’d have. Because of this, we now have another appointment scheduled for next Thursday.

We don’t call them by name yet {I tend to say “he” & “she”}. But “meet” Zachary Layne {aka Zach aka Z aka baby A} and Lucy Elizabeth {aka Lucy aka L aka baby C}. Lucy’s name has been picked for years {way before it was ‘popular’} & is made up of family names from both sides. Lucy was my maternal grandmother who past away Christmas ’10’s name & Elizabeth is for both my paternal grandmother & my mother-in-law. My sister-in-law & several friends named Elizabeth I guess can also claim influence on her middle name!

Zach’s name isn’t based on family or long history. I wanted shorter names since I knew we’d be saying multiple names! After my husband turning down my long list of boy names, I asked him for a name & loved Zachary as soon as he said it. Weeks later, I said Lane as a middle name after reading it in a baby name book. Jason agreed as long as we could spell it with a Y which I too liked. So there you go, our babies have names to go along with their cute faces!