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Babies First Thanksgiving

This post is embarassingly late. But that’s me lately when it comes to downloading & uploading photos & often for social events too. I hope the ‘hello, I have two babies’ will work for a little bit longer.

While we’re still in the land of sick babies, so far today is our first fever-free day. And I thought I’d post Thanksgiving before we got into Christmas week. 😛

My entire extended family {us, my parents, brother & SIL, my mom’s sisters & my grandfather} arrived in OIB {where my Dad’s parents live} Wednesday night. We all gathered together first for a Thanksgiving church service on the beach Thursday morning.

Lucy & I had seen it become daylight that morning ~ what a way to be thankful~ to see the sun rising over a canal while holding your baby girl. I was also thankful a few minutes later when my Nana & Pawpaw woke up, took over Lucy duty so I could get another hour’s sleep before Zach woke up.

After church, we chilled, watched the parade, enjoyed a delicious brunch, then my SIL, Mom, aunts, Nana & the babies & I headed off to the two little local shops open Thanksgiving day. We bought a few birthday/Christmas gifts for each other then arrived back at the beach house in time for me to nurse & the others to finish up cooking dinner. My thanksgiving meal was interrupted by a big Lucy poo {not the last meal interruptedfor that reason of that I can be sure}. 

Friday, we took Z & L with us for their first black Friday shopping. They were a hit in all the stores & we all found a few deals too. Friday night, we went out to dinner at Inlet View. The food & company was great!

Saturday was more of a chill day, watching football, playing with the babies on the floor. We all bundled up & went to watch the OIB floatila Saturday evening. It was great. Lucy was snuggled on me in our Ergo & slept through it. Zach watched it from my Dad’s lap; one of his favorite spots. Overall, a great thankful weekend.

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