My parents came down this past weekend to help us decorate. Thank goodness! My mom loves decorating & loves Christmas {my whole family really does}, so by noon on Saturday, our house was Christmasified.

We’ve had good luck getting NC trees at our local Lowes, so we packed the babies up {in Christmas attire of course} & headed that way after they’d napped & nursed. We needed a fairly tall but skinny tree & found the perfect one!

The babies & my blue eyes didn’t handle the sun so well; Mom, Jason, the babies & the tree; the babies & I; Jason & our tree.

Jason tied it to the roof of the van, while I got the babies back in.

Babies’ first tree.

Mom stopped & got hot dogs for Dad, Jason & herself & I snapped photos of my babies.

Zach & Lucy

They slept on the few minute ride home then while we got the tree all set up inside {thank you babes!}.

I love the tree at night; our mantel {stockings still to be hung}; Mom decorating the tree; Jason & Lucy; Pops with Lucy. {Zach was always held by me}

They love the lights, & we have fun showing them different ornaments including the ones for them already given to them by their grandparents on both sides. It’s wonderful & completely awesome already to view Christmas from their eyes.