Babies Room Update

My parents came into town this past weekend for the consignment sale & to help get the babies’ room more set up. Friday night, we stayed up too late cheering on NCSU’s loss to Kansas. Dad put together the changing table that will be in the den. We also cleaned out everything left in the nursery except for Jason’s desk which he moved to the center of the room & covered in plastic.

Saturday morning came early, even with sleeping in. Mom & I went to Lowes, bought rods for the babies’ closet & picked out paint. After much looking & getting confused by all things green, with the help of two nice strangers, we chose Valspar’s Mountain Green {I think?}. Dad trimmed off the room in the blue tape. My aunt was recruited to help paint, so she joined my parents rolling away. Jason took apart his old, broken dresser then put together his new IKEA one. A college friend stopped by {hi M!} & we caught up while everyone else worked. I felt bad about that, but my Dad insisted I not paint.

nursery {take 1}

I love the color of the room! It’s brighter than we thought it would be, but I think it’s very cheery for a nursery. And will off-set the dark furniture we will fill the room with {polka dot baskets will go in dresser, Costco rug on the floor, trash can already lined with a wet bag}.

We did our first load of baby laundry Saturday! I folded blankets, bibs & hung up the new clothes we’d received as gifts. I then used the rest of the hangers we had as well as ran to Target for more hangers {I think 110 total!}, so I could hang up the newborn & 0-3 month hand-me-down clothes {thanks to J & A!} in their closet. The top shelf will be emptied off when the other changer/dresser is put together. I hung up the clothes stacked in the bottom Sunday & the rest will be cleaned out once the cribs are built.I also loaded the den changer with cloth diapers, covers & AIOs {that I have yet to wash} & the few newborn disposables & wipes we’ve received as gifts as well as elastic-bottomed sleepers & swaddlers. Can you tell the babies are pretty set for clothes?!

Sunday, we took another trip to Lowes for a cloth diaper trash can & white outlet covers after Mom & I went to church & a grocery store run. They left that afternoon & husband & I were both pretty tired. I got a second wind though & did another baby stuff laundry load. This time, I tackled the linen closet & washed & folded blankets, crib sheets & baby washcloths. I love that all of that is stacked & ready for the babies! I’d say my “nesting” urges have set in. 🙂


  1. I bawled all the way through this post thinking of how very wanted these little ones are by all of you.

    And the room is SO precious. Love that wall color.

  2. beth dotson says:

    You guys have been busy!! Everything looks so good, and yep, I’d say you are nesting! Love y’all

  3. Brandy says:

    I loved getting my babies’ rooms ready! It’s so fun to plan and dream and know that soon a little baby will be sleeping there!

  4. Melissa says:

    it looks great, i got to peek in at the finished paint, love it! i can’t believe how much stuff you have for these two babies!!! you are ready to go.

    • Suz says:

      So glad you peeked in! Sorry to have missed seeing you Sunday. Thanks for hanging out Saturday. I really enjoyed seeing you!

  5. MomEinstein says:

    Looking good! I’m impressed by how much you got done in one weekend. Way to go!

  6. Olusola says:

    So cute. Makes me nostalgic for all the excitement of getting close to due date. Good luck to you girl! (from M & M linky)

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