Baby Brianna was supposed to be born via scheduled C-section last Wednesday. Instead she surprised her parents {& big sis Lexie} by arriving Sunday morning. Which meant things were a little hectic for them as they had things all planned out for later in the week!

Dad Keith {my husband’s coworker} was picking his mom up from the airport, & Lexie was staying with another of their friends. New mom to 2 under 2, Jen & I were able to hang out with tiny baby Brianna last Tuesday night while they were having their last night at Rex Hospital. I went after book club around 7. We got to chatting, enjoying baby snuggles & walks around the halls, next thing I knew, it was close to 10p! So fun & I’d never been to Rex baby center so I enjoyed checking it all out. So glad I remembered my D5000 to capture these freshly baked baby shots.

Jen was doing great & y’all can see, Brianna is just precious! She went from Jen to their daycare provider {who also stopped by} then my arms like it was nothing. I was LOVING that skinny baby legs & feet! Brianna also enjoyed chillin’ in the bassinet with that paci. We’re looking forward to going to visit this family at home soon.