Badges of Honor

I had a breakfast mid-morning meeting & was getting together college friends for an after work happy hour last Thursday. I wanted to look nice for the day. So I got dressed in pants, heels & my nursing tank. I waited until after Zach & Lucy’s diaper & outfit changes & nursing sessions were complete before throwing on my sweater. But then, while bending down to get them ready to go into their car seats, both crawled over & grabbed me at the shoulders. As I pulled both in for hugs & kisses, I felt it. The dampness on my shoulders. I was marked.

I had ‘Mommy shoulders’. At that point, I had two options: change clothes & be late to work trying to figure out a new cute outfit, or two, wear my sweater anyways. I sighed & laughed & went with option two. Hoping my curly hair worn down & a fun grey necklace would take the spotlight.

My ‘Mommy shoulders’ are my current badges of honor. Proof that my struggles with infertility are over. Proof that all the hard work of TTC & a multiples pregnancy were worth it. I have babies that love & adore me as much as I do them. And if that means I go to work & sneak out to meet friends with drool on my sleeves & not my snot on my shoulders so be it. I wear them with laughter, love & pride.


  1. lisa anne says:

    I wear my macaroni necklaces with pride . I love them as much as my Pandora bracelet. I sit in the dirt and play with Hot Wheels and don’t winch when the babies want to turn on the hose and make mud. After all the years of infertility and heart break, whats a little mess. Well maybe , big messes . Tide, baby wash and a little water clean up most everything. Smiles and giggles are priceless. Snot and food smudges are just another badge of honor.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Love this. Amen, sister!

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