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Like most employees now-a-days, I have a work badge. But I never wear it. It stays in my purse for a couple reasons. One, so I don’t lose it. Two, because the ugly black lanyard is well, ugly & as silly as it sounds, doesn’t always match. And three, the photo is over four years old & isn’t great. Four, while out on bedrest/maternity leave, I lost the clip & lanyard. “Luckily,” I still have my badge.

But we got an email from the higher ups this week, politely demanding asking reminding us to wear our badges. So I’ve been in search of a cute, cool way to wear my badge.

I found this fabric flower badge reel on etsy & ordered it in green with an etsy gift card I was given from my boss for Christmas {apropo right?}. I’m still thinking that after work, I’ll take it off {so the babies don’t pull or break it} & then forget it the following day.

Any other suggestions? How do you wear your badge? Do you care that it’s cute? {Linking up with Liberating Working Moms Working with Style}

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  1. I can’t get from the bathroom back to my desk without my ID badge to unlock doors! So I have one of those zippy reel things on my hip at all times during the work day. I take it off as I walk out the last locked door at night, stick it in my purse and forget about it till the next morning when my hands are full of coffee and breakfast and I get to the first locked door and need to juggle all the things to get myself in!
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