Like most employees now-a-days, I have a work badge. But I never wear it. It stays in my purse for a couple reasons. One, so I don’t lose it. Two, because the ugly black lanyard is well, ugly & as silly as it sounds, doesn’t always match. And three, the photo is over four years old & isn’t great. Four, while out on bedrest/maternity leave, I lost the clip & lanyard. “Luckily,” I still have my badge.

But we got an email from the higher ups this week, politely demanding asking reminding us to wear our badges. So I’ve been in search of a cute, cool way to wear my badge.

I found this fabric flower badge reel on etsy & ordered it in green with an etsy gift card I was given from my boss for Christmas {apropo right?}. I’m still thinking that after work, I’ll take it off {so the babies don’t pull or break it} & then forget it the following day.

Any other suggestions? How do you wear your badge? Do you care that it’s cute? {Linking up with Liberating Working Moms Working with Style}