The phrase ‘I should’ runs through my head thousands of times every day.

I’m at work. I should be working. I should be working on my work email instead of paperwork. I should be taking advantage of adult conversation time. I should call the hospital/insurance company to work out maternity bills I overpaid. I should have {yet another} snack & glass of water instead of diet coke. I should pay bills & empty out my purse.

It’s lunch time. So I should eat. I should leave work & rush around running errands. Or use the time to catch up with coworkers. Or, what I usually do, work through lunch to make up for being out sick.

I’m in the car. I should stop for groceries. I should go straight home to the babies. I should use this alone time to rock out to tunes or to catch up on phone calls to family or friends.

I’m home at night. This is where my ‘I should’ list goes really crazy. I should prepare tomorrow’s sippys & cloth diapers for Lucy & Zach straight away. I should start dinner. I should start laundry. I should clean up the den/sink/bathroom. I should sit down & relax {ha! that’s funny}.

I should blog/Facebook/instagram/tweet about my day or the silly thing Zach did or Lucy’s first steps! I should read them another book & put down my phone.

Lucy & Zach are finally asleep. I should read that overdue library book or package that outgrown book/outfit/diaper to mail. I should catch up on TV. I should make my lunch & pack my pump bag for the following day. I should talk to my husband. I should take photos of all their outgrown clothes to try to sell in multiples groups {did this last night}! I should sleep.

So I go to bed, & instead of snores & dreams, I first play another round of Candy Crush {level 152, I have my eye on you} & think of my ‘I should’ list for the next day. And I’m exhausted. Any idea why?!