I have so much to say. What its been like since the babies arrive. Life with NICU babes. The help & support from family & friends. Babies coming home! Sharing pictures, pictures, pictures! But for now that’ll have to wait.

At my two week postpartum appointment Monday morning, my MFM diagnosed me with Bell’s Palsy. I noticed issues drinking a diet coke bottle early last week. Then I looked in a mirror & saw that my smile didn’t go up on my left side. And by the end of last week, I noticed my left eye was tired/twitchy. I kinda thought all this was being tired or stressed. I was relieved Mon actually to know it was actually something know & not me going kinda crazy. I’m on breastfeeding safe steroids & have a follow up with an ENT at the beginning of July. My MFM said this could go away within days, weeks, months. It’s a motor issue only. I can’t feel that my smile on the left doesn’t work. But it does kick my butt to read. To watch too much TV. To play online. So I’m way behind on reading blogs, keeping up on Twitter. Instead I’m snuggling babies & hoping this goes away soon, so I can catch yall up on the fun.