I mentioned last week that I our first round of infertility drugs. I didn’t find that I really had any side effects of the Femara other than some uncomfortable pressure which I attributed to growing follicles.

I went Wednesday {day 12} for the follow-up ultrasound {hello again Wandy}. As I’d thought, I had two mature follicles on the right side & one on the left. As a IF newbie, I realized after I left that I didn’t really find out what they measured, but I think the two right ones were 16 & 18 maybe. She gave me another copy of the Ovidrel user guide, told me to do the shot Wednesday night, & sent me on my way with a good luck, see you after BFP or Day 1.

I don’t like shots. I don’t do needles. My least favorite part of a regular gyno appt is the finger prick. To say I was nervous about the shot is an understatement. But as Jason reminded me, I was more excited that the Femara worked {giddy really} & for the possibility to be pregnant this cycle, than I was scared for a not-so little needle. I cleaned the chubby left side of my tummy, clicked on the glass, pushed a tiny bit of medicine out, grabbed the chub, stuck the needle all the way in, let go of the chubs & pressed down shooting the meds in my body. The crazy blogger part of me wanted to photo all this but I needed both hands {sorry but y’all dont really wanna see the chub anyways}. I did photo the before {I need a cider for liquid courage} & after to share.

Afterwards I laid on the couch spent & Jason picked up dinner from Wendy’s {hello yummy Apple Pecan Chicken Salad!}. I felt a little itchy on the site but it wasn’t red. Later that night I started feeling more pressure and pulled on my comfiest pj pants before bed. TI went great that night!

I woke up Thursday morning on my stomach in pain. Like holy crap the pressure. I realized the extent of the bloat when I tried to re-wear pants I’d worn to work last week. They were very uncomfortable to button because of the bloat but I was running late & optimistic that it’d go down. The pressure did get a little better and maybe the bloat went down a tiny bit, but I still ended up sitting at my desk with the two top buttons undone for most of the day! I was going to have Jason take a photo before I met girls out for dinner & drinks last night {I changed into leggings & a empire-waisted dress} before I seriously felt huge so I didn’t even ask him.

We were a little late on the TI Friday morning as I’m not a morning person & there was some pain I wasn’t prepared for. The bloat was better Friday & a lot less pressure. I was more prepared outfit-wise with leggings and a long sweater for work. While there have been 15 cycles before now, I feel like our first real 2WW has began! Since I suck at secrets and am pretty much a semi-open book at this point, I’m sure y’all will learn how this cycle ends up soon after we do. Fingers, toes, teeth, hair, whatever you got, cross it for us!!

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