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A Good AmericanA Good American by Alex George was a delight to read. It had been a while since I’d read historical fiction & this novel was an awesome re-entry to that beloved genre of mine.

To be honest, I really wanted this story to be true! I kinda fell in love with the characters.

The story is told by what for a long time is an unknown future grandchild telling the story of his grandparents: how they met, immigrated to the US, started & raised a family, how they became “a good American”. I loved that A Good American continued to follow the family through the good times & bad generation after generation.

Some of the good times, I kinda guessed & hoped would happen. A few of the bad times I saw foreshadowed but most of them were fairly surprising. And the twist discovered & discussed at the end, I never saw coming.

I loved the food & music & sense of family- the poignant coming-of-age theme & overall thought that while family might be wild & loud & big, they’re still family.

A Good American was a quick read for me. And while I read it during the day while pumping, I continued to think about the characters & story & was looking forward to getting more caught up on the Meisenheimer family the following day. I think you would too.

We’ll continue the discussion on A Good American on the BlogHer Book Club site. Feel free to jump over to see what we’re saying & even add your own thoughts.

While I was provided a copy of A Good American for purposes of this review, I was not otherwise compensated & all the opinions & thoughts mentioned are my own.


  1. Melissa says:

    thanks for the book reviews….i’m always keeping a list! although i usually have to wait awhile b/c our library only has older ebooks for free. Just finished Lost in Shangri-La: by Mitchell Zuckoff, if you like nonfiction, pretty good/quick.

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