I love the BlogHer Book Club. Because while the books sent to me straight from the publisher & the lil bit of cash {which helps me feel better about splurging on fancy gelato} are nice, BHBC also pushes me to read things outside of my norm. Outside my comfort zone if you will. I wouldn’t have picked up Theodora. Or Daring Greatly.

And most certainly not Diary of a Submissive by Sophie Morgan. But because I don’t mind reading something different {& yes, so I don’t want to miss out on a book}, I sometimes hit send on the form before I really read the description. I felt slightly uncomfortable later on just reading the description. In a what-have-I-gotten-myself-into-&-yet-I’m-curious kind of way.

Diary of a Submissive arrived just as I’d finished Matched {where kissing was oh-so-scandalous}. I threw it in my pumping-at-work bag & in the hour & a half a day I sit in the pumping room, I read Sophie’s memoir about her sexual tendencies.

I don’t blush much & have read a bit of smut before, but just the first few chapters had me running on Facebook to tell friends in a group that I was in over my head.

I haven’t read this summer’s much discussed Fifty Shades of Grey. Because I’d heard it was a lil crazy & a lil cheesy & not so well written. & hello, I had two newborns & very little to no time to read smut this summer.

I believe Diary of a Submissive takes Fifty Shades & turns it into 100 shades of making Suz blush & feel uncomfortable to the point of wanting to stop reading. But I read it. I had to know how a seemingly normal 30-something lived this life & why & how.

Would I recommend it to all my friends & family? No, remember I live in the Bible belt states for goodness sakes. But it was interesting; kinda like watching something super foreign on National Geography is interesting. Happy to never go there, okay that you now know more about it.

I know the discussion on Diary of a Submissive will be quite interesting. Jump on over to BlogHer Book Club Diary of a Submissive for more specifics.

I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but all opinions expressed are my own.