IMG_20130216_093328Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster featured everything I’ve loved about her memoirs & other work of fiction {all of which I’ve just as quickly devoured}. The laugh out loud moments. The ‘I’ve been there’ times. Her characters you wished you knew & yet also glad you maybe don’t.

Jen’s wit kills me. And I love that her writing voice, whether for non-fiction or fiction is so true to herself. Any reader of her past works would immediately know her by her voice.

She makes Lissy, the main character, jump right off the page & kinda into your heart. Even though you want to hate the HS mean girl, I didn’t. I felt sorry for her. I was cheering her on.

Lissy was just a bit older than me, so I don’t share her {& Jen’s} love of David Coverdale {I actually had to google to find out who he is}, but if you share their love of 80s hair bands, you’ll be a fan of Here I Go Again too.

There were definitely parts that make you stretch your imagination, the believability if you will, but it was quirky & fun. To think you could & then actual see a re-do of old parts of life.

This book is very light, chick lit reading. It was perfect for the start of the new year. Perfect reading to escape the craziness & stress of sick babies. Here I Go Again {please tell me someone else starts singing in their head every time you read the title} would be a great spring/summer beach read too.

I can imagine we’ll be having a blast recounting Lissy’s antics & experiences over on the BlogHer Book Club discussion. I’m hoping we cover silly topics like HS memories & deeper questions like would we change who & how we were in HS. Join us there; I’d love to read your thoughts!

I received Here I Go Again as part of the BHBC for review purposes, but all the opinions are geniunely my own.