My Life Map by Kate & David Marshall was yet another BlogHer Book Club stretch for me. I don’t typically read books in the ‘self help’ genre & thanks to BHBC, this makes my second in the last few months.

There were parts of My Life Map that reminded me of Daring Greatly. They both pushed me to think about my past, plan for my future, & define goals.

I’ve never made a life map or goal board before. While I’ve thought about my future, I’ve never put pen to paper on it.

I don’t think I made or shifted any big plans. I’m happily married, with two young children & living in an area I plan to stay in. I enjoy my job situation & My Life Map reinforced that idea while still helping push me to think of how I can improve my work life.

The discussion on ‘play time’ did make me think about this ole blog. I’ve never made a future plan or business plan for Suz’s Treats. Is it a hobby? Is it {very small paying} part time work? I think I’m happy for now that I can call blogging both. A fun hobby that allows me to be a bit creative, has helped me find a community of online friends & still adds a little change to my pocket.

I wish I had read My Life Map sooner. I think it would be a great book to give to anyone on the cusp of a big life change. Such as soon-to-be college graduates to help them focus, as a wedding or bridal shower gift to help a new couple make life goals together, or even as a retirement gift so the retiree can plan for their open days ahead.

As with all the BHBC books, I’ll be discussing it with others on the My Life Map BHBC page. Feel free to hop over there to read more.