When What Alice Forgot arrived at my doorstep, I thought two things ~ this book is thick & I’m so glad its more of a ‘chick lit’ light read. I’d been reading either heavy books for my local book club or pouring through multiples & breastfeeding books. I knew in my sleep deprived state, I couldn’t handle anything I had to think too hard about.

And what happened as I was reading What Alice Forgot, I got less sleep because I skipped naps in favor of reading. It was that good & I just had to know how it turned out.

What Alice Forgot tells the story of Alice Love, who wakes up on the gym floor thinking its 1998, shes 29, happily married & pregnant with her first child. But actually, its 2008, she’s 39, has 3 kids & getting a divorce {& she remembers nothing of the last 10 years}. The book tells the story of how she got from one place in life to the other. The 29 year old Alice reminded me of my recent former self, but I could understand & see how the 39 year old Alice got there.

The novel is told through Alice’s perspective but has letters that Alice’s sister Elizabeth writes to her therapist {helping her deal with her infertility struggle which hit close to home with me} and also letters their ‘grandmother’ Fannie writes to an old boyfriend {loved feisty Fannie!}. I enjoyed the others’ perspectives. Seeing Alice & her memory loss through them helped clue me in to what she’d gone through.

I really enjoyed this novel. I thought it was a quick, fun read & I’m looking forward to hearing what others thought of the book. For more discussion on What Alice Forgot, jump on over to the BlogHer Book Club page for the book.

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