I’m now in two book clubs & I’m so excited! I love reading but I definitely get in routs and will stick with the same types of books or authors & not branch out.
I’ve really enjoyed the nestie girls book club~ it’s encouraged me to read novels I might not normally pick up. So far I’ve really enjoyed what we’ve chosen~ The Namesake & Water for Elephants. Our next novel is Middlesex. I’ve been warned that it’s a little slow at first, and I think I’m going to start it this weekend so we’ll see! Oh and the July book is Memory Keeper’s Daughter which I read last summer. I might need to reread it though because some of the parts & characters are a little fuzzy.
I had mentioned in our last couple Chi O alum meetings about starting a book club and at the most recent meeting there was a lot of interest. Today we sent out the email to start it! The first book chosen by the leader of the group is Plum Wine. I’ve never heard of it before, but it’s about an American teacher teaching English in Japan. I’ve requested it from the library. I’m so glad and I feel so blessed to have friends to intelligent discussions with about books.