I was tagged in my sorority sister Mickie’s blog for the “Alphabet Super Game”, where you name 10 of your favorite things that start with a letter. Then you assign a letter to the others playing the game. She gave me the letter M.

1. Moe~ our cat who’s currently cuddle up against my leg
2. My husband~ had to get him in somehow!
3. Marie~ mine and my mom’s middle names pre-marriage
4. Mom & Dad~ who are up in Richmond wishing they’d had snow days too
5. Ma & Papa~ my CLT grandparents. Ma’s kinda sick now so I’ve been thinking and praying for them.
6. my Nana who’s on a cruise in the Bahamas right now lucky duck!
7. Mexican food~ Rodeo is our favorite around Raleigh
8. Moe’s! I love that place! You’d be surprised how many people told me about free Moe’s and how they thought of me when they heard about it.
9. MarioKart~ after playing my brother’s and my friends I stalked target.com until I found one!
10. My new G1~ I’ve been loving being able to email, text, blog, chat, etc from my new phone!

I’ll tag a few nesties. Here’s a few, play if you want:
Marie~ J
Katie~ B
Eilssa~ R
Althea~ S