So the food treats here have been lacking recently. Not holding out on y’all. I just haven’t cooked or baked much recently. First it was my work traveling, then just being out of habit, then it being hot out & Jason working late, but yeah I think it’s mostly lazy.

I’ve been trying to do better, but admittedly, most of our “cooked-at-home” meals recently have come from store {aka rotisserie chicken} or freezer {pizza, pasta bag}.

But since this was cooking-at-home for us, I thought I’d share Tuesday’s dinner. Kraft Caesar pasta salad mix {on sale for 94 cents at Food Lion} & burgers. Angus Bubba burgers cooked in the skillet for Jason & microwaved black bean burgers for me. Both topped with fresh tomato slices & served on 100 calorie white wheat buns. The pasta salad was enough for us & then again as a side for lunches.

Easy, simple, pretty quickly put together home-made meal.

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