Things are quiet on the ole blog this week. Not because things aren’t happening in our household but maybe because they are.

The last couple weeks have happily been busy ones. Ones filled with our first big family trip for Thanksgiving with my extended family {for which there’s a post in draft waiting for me to have time to download then upload the photos}. Then getting used to going back to work & no longer being able to sleep in, & then my husband’s family came up this past weekend for a visit. Last weekend, we took the babies to meet Santa for the first time. Again, when I get those pictures online, I’ll post them because it’s hilariously too cute.

This week, I’m taking photos of my outfits to get ready to host Working with Style on Liberating Working Moms next Monday. Join me in taking photos where you can {office bathroom FTW!} & link up Monday!

My parents are coming down this weekend to help get our house decorated for Christmas. I tried to decorate a little on my own last Saturday but instead just dumped a box full of candles & snowmen on a table before I ran out of the house to tacky Christmas sweater party instead. I’ll take a ton of photos I’m sure as we pick out the babies’ first tree & I’ll try to post those soon too.

Also stick around for a couple of reviews & giveaways to come in the next couple of weeks! Much like life now, Suz’s Treats won’t be quiet for long.