In honor of Earth day which is 4/22, Melissa at Adventuroo {who I had the pleasure of meeting last Wednesday night!!} made this week’s Capture the Everyday about what you are doing to save the planet.

When I heard the theme last week, I immediately thought that my biggest change this year is keeping the plastic & using reusable bags. I started with buying the red Target one. Then I got the green Target one free last year & the orange & other green one were freebies too. I keep some in the house {I use a big maroon Farm Bureau for dry cleaning}, but mostly I keep them in my car. I’ve learned if they’re in my car, I can’t forget to grab them before going in to the store.

SOOC & taken late but couldn’t miss this theme

Something else pro-environment we’ve always done is recycling. This year Raleigh gave us this huge blue container that they pick up bi-weekly. We usually fill it up while we might just have one bag or less of trash a week. Yay environment!

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo