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February Update

It’s been a month since I’ve made a post here. The longest ever. But it wasn’t as if I wasn’t busy. In that time, I had a bad cold, & then we traveled up to VA for a fun weekend with family where I got some rest while L, Z & I gave our colds to everyone else. {Welcome to life in a toddler petri dish.}

The following week, it snowed a lot. And I was stuck on the iced roads with L & Z. I cried & prayed while they slept until we reached our driveway. I drank a beer at 2p to recover. Once I was back at work, it was crazy catch up time.

And Raleigh thawed out just in time for us to discover a hernia issue in Zach which meant a day of doctors’ appointments & fear of emergency surgery. Only to be told Tuesday afternoon, while not an emergency, he needs surgery soon. Wednesday am, I set up surgery for Wed the 26th. Wednesday afternoon, I get a call from daycare that L’s throwing up.

Her stomach bug & accompanying fever meant I was home {& by home I mean Target} with her to miss the urologist surgery scheduler’s phone call. No big deal. Just moving up Zach’s surgery to the following day {what we’d originally preferred}.

And after L woke up from a long nap, I discovered her random vom & 101.7 fever Wed weren’t a fluke as her temp was 103.2. Sigh. Off to the ped we went to rule out ear infections, lung infections, flu etc. After the all clear, I made furious & desperate calls to family to make sure my awesome Dad could come down asap to watch L while we were with Z at hospital.

No more vomiting or fever from Lucy &  Zach’s surgery was a big success. Even being an hour delayed {meaning almost 12 hours without food or milk}, he did great playing in pre-op & coming around in my arms. He spent the weekend recovering with us & my parents {who also cleaned, cooked & went shopping with me to stock us up on food}!

So now we’re up to last week. Dentist appt meant I had the chance last Tues for a bit of solo consignment sale shopping & a much needed pedicure {calmest part of my month?!}. Thursday afternoon, we got the all clear, he looks great post-surgery release from Z’s urologist! Yay!

He {& L} were fussy, so we hit up their favorite Chick fila for take out dinner. {Did I tell y’all they ate 14 nuggets between the two of them last time we ate there? No, well I just did. It was amazing. Toddlers. Sigh how much are they gonna eat as teens?!} Good idea turned out not so good when the stomach bug hit Zach hard mere minutes after finishing his bedtime sippy. And again 3 more times on me before we finally crashed 4 pjs later {thank goodness I overbuy pjs!} at 2a. Lil dude was so upset after he’d get sick. I just held him. And he chilled at home with J last Friday while I worked & L played at daycare.

A relaxing, vomit-free weekend in the 60s & 70s seemed like spring had arrived & my practically PTSD over driving in snow was far behind us. Until I checked my phone last night & read the weather had turned & Raleigh was preparing for icy/snow conditions. Again. This time on March 3rd.

And now I’m caught up. Thankfully, work let us go early enough I was driving to & from daycare & home in rain wet roads. And while the air turned super cold {my phone says 22 now}, other than a lil freezing rain, sleet & dusting of snow, we missed getting too much of the white stuff I’m so over. Daycare & work are opening at 10a. Fingers crossed, healthy L & Z let me sleep til 7! And let me enjoy lunch plans with 2 friends this weekend before we skip off to GA for a family weeding! Never a dull moment here, but we’re loving life in the midst of the craziness!

At some point {when weather & sickness don’t having me feeling exhausted}, I’ll add a sprinkling of photos to this post! L & Z are so big now!!

Why We Read

There’s a newish blog out there co-written by a group of busy moms who champion their continued love of books, we still read. And while I haven’t been able to keep up with all their posts or {even recently} my own reading, I love the idea behind managing to find little bits of time to keep up with book reading in between raising kiddos & sharing it online.

Wednesday night, as L & Z sat together sharing their toddler elephant chair each with their own book & then L jumped in my lap while we tried to capture a still photo of Zach stacking up his current favorite books then sitting on them to read on his own, I thought, THIS is why I read. This is why I read to them. This is why they will sometimes see me reading. Raising little readers (lil book nerds!) brings me so much joy.

Snow Day Reading

Not Giving Up

Did you think I gave up on this ole blog? Almost. It seems like the time to sit & write & share is nil these days.

I’ve successfully stopped pumping. Which means I have my work lunch break time back to eat, run errands, catch up on work or make up time from being out at doctor’s appointments. But it also means that the 30 minutes I had {at one point three times a day} to sit quietly somewhere & read or blog or play on IG is also gone. My blog writing & reading has suffered. And for that, I’m sorry.

I find writing & sharing on here cathartic, & I miss the blogging community. So blogging, you’re moving up on my night time priority!

Look for posts soon on Christmas, having 19 {almost 20} month olds, {finally} sleep training L, relearning to eat & a few Liberating Working Moms posts too. Happy New Year friends!

Meeting Santa

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, my aunt & I had L & Z at the mall. We walked by Santa, & since there wasn’t a line, walked over to him. Z & {especially} L clung to us & most definitely wouldn’t talk to him much less sit with him.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we met an OIB Santa at the fire station. Photo fail {it even made Diana’s top 25 list!}.

Third times a charm we hoped as we waited in line for around an hour late morning Saturday Dec 7th. I’d pulled out our Christmas books & even bought a Target dollar bin Santa book in hopes that reading about him & learning ‘ho ho ho’ would help.

Well, no screaming & we got the nose picking pics out while in line, but as I suspected, J & I are in this year’s photo along with two wide eyed toddlers.


Next year, can I hope for smiles? Maybe?!

Lucy: Eighteen Months

Oh my sweet, silly Lucy girl. Like I did for your brother last month, the days surrounding your monthday were oh so full & I missed a timely post for you.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t share anything about how awesome my girl is right now before I move on to Thanksgiving & the Christmas advent season.

She is such a ham. Says hey & hi & bye to everyone & blows kisses to all as we leave a restaurant or store. It’s hilarious.

I’ll try to remember her current words but I know I’ll miss some. She says all the family members she’s seen recently- Mommy, Dada, Cici & Pops, Nana & Pawpaw (& Bocce), Papa, & Sue. She’s called Zach Zachy & Brother. Lucy will sometimes say Lucy but often says ‘me me me’ when wanting something or if she’s claiming it as hers. She calls cars ‘beep beep’ after the Little Blue Truck book. She can read our Colors book – banana, shoes, flowers, choo choo train, goldfish, baby & kitty cat. Lucy says dog & knows they say woof woof. She also knows duck (quack), cow (& moo), horse (& nay) & owl (hoo) of course. She says more, all done, pretty, cute, good girl, tickle, book, eat eat, banana, cracker, apple, yo yo (for yogurt), chicken, two, yes, & no.

At their 18th month appointment on the 21st, Lucy weighed 25.8 lbs which put her squarely in the 90th percentile. {Anyone else remember when she was a tiny preemie who I was afraid wouldn’t catch up to her peers?!}

Lucy’s wearing a few 18 mo clothes still but fits better in 18-24. I’ve started pulling out 24 mo tops since she’s long waisted like me. She wore 2t Gymboree leggings on Thanksgiving that weren’t that big on her.

In the recent photos taken by my friend Steph from Lily Mae photography, there’s a shot where Lucy & I are smiling identical smiles. Like we look so similar it scares me. Husband swears he wouldn’t be able to claim her except for her eyebrows & a few expressions are so him.

Toddlerhood is here for Lucy girl. She is coy & silly & likes to get her way. I think we’re in for it when it comes to a stubborn streak & a flare for the dramatic. So often now I forget she’s still my baby when she’s acting & talking & running & dancing like a big girl.

Lucy has two favorite songs- Lady Gaga’s Applause (she says Gaga too) which is her JAM. Lucy starts clapping & bouncing when it comes on. And her other favorite is The B.I.B.L.E. One day she just started going around singing B.I.B.I.B. So she has two letters wrong but it’s ridiculously cute.

Lucy’s learned to kiss this month & will give us & Zach kisses. They’re sloppy & open mouthed but I get as many as I can before she moves on to her next thing.

I can’t wait to see what your next thing will be, my wild Lucy girl. I’ll look forward to holding your little hand as we leap into December. Happy (belated) birthday!