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Merino Kids Toddler Sleep Sack

I think all toddlers thrive on routines. I know mine do. And thus our bedtime routine goes like this almost without exceptions ~ after giving hugs & kisses all around, J & Zach go back to our room for his final pre-bed sippy cup of milk. Lucy & I hang out in the den to get her prepped for bed.

After one last book, L will say “sleep sack” & “mommy time”. Those are her code words for it’s time for her sleep sack & nursing with me. L gets her sack on & she knows it’s almost bedtime. She’s also begun asking for “sippy” cup of milk in between “side” {her word for wanting to nurse on the other breast}.

I’ve talked before {toddler must haves} {Halo sleepsack review} about our love for sleep sacks. And that hasn’t changed even as Lucy’s on the verge of being 2. Daycare does blankets for nap & L has asked for a blanket a time or two during weekend naps, but overnight, we do sleep sacks. While I have loved a fuzzy one for winter in the past, I was thrilled when I was recently contacted by Merino Kids in regards to trying out one of their organic cotton & merino wool toddler sleep sacks.
Merino Kids sleep sack packaging

I chose {& quickly received} their gorgeously packaged sleep sack in Honey Oat. This sleep sack is by far the softest & most luxurious one I’ve ever felt. The light brown is very gender neutral, so if Lucy will share it, Zach will be able to enjoy it too. The weight has been great for winter temps & yet will be light & cool enough to easily take us through spring & summer.

Bedtime Lucy Merino Kids sleep sack

Merino Kids sleep sack on, sippy in hand & paci/baby/bunny close by, Lucy was *ready* for bed!

I ordered the toddler size 2-4 years, so they could grow into this sleep sack. And as you can see, Lucy does have quite a bit of growing room! At this point, it’s a bit hard for her to walk in, but I typically carry my sleepy girl into her crib as well as pick her up and carry her into the den in the mornings as well. The length makes sure she has room to kick & roll in her crib as much as she wants at night.
Morning Lucy Merino Kids sleep sack

The Merino Kids sleep sack design has the zipper going from under the arm to the bottom of the sack all along the side. I really like the way you don’t have to be tugging at a zipper under the babe’s neck for a late night or early morning diaper change.

Merino Kids sleep sack Lucy & paci

check out this cool feature too ~ the Merino Kids sleep sacks are stroller & car seat friendly with the front & back flap for the latches!

I love this sack so much I’d put Lucy in our Merino Kids sleep sack every night if I didn’t occasionally have to wash it. :-P And speaking of washing, the instructions that came in the pretty package recommended against putting the sleep sack in the dryer. So that’s kinda a bummer as I don’t have a ton of hanging space in my laundry closet. But so far, not drying has meant that this sleep sack doesn’t have any of the unsightly {& itchy} piling that can come with drying cotton fibers.

You can order a Merino Kids sleep sack from their link or Amazon where you’ll see that the price is a bit on the higher side, but like many things in life, you pay for superior quality & comfort. And if yours are like my Lucy and wearing a sleep sack on a nightly basis, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of the Merino Kids sacks.

I was provided a Merino Kids sleep sack at no cost to us for purpose of this review. I was not otherwise compensated & my opinions expressed are solely my own

The End of Co-sleeping?

It started due to sickness. One had a bad cold/ear infection/stomach bug/something. And to prevent the other from getting it & waking up while their sibling coughed/sneezed/vomited, we bought Zach in bed with us. And it worked. Once well, L started sleeping through the night in late November/December {after some not welcomed 10-midnight wakings led to successful modified CIO sleep training}, and Zach would wake to nurse still.

So having him co-sleeping meant just rolling over when he said ‘mommy’ & tugged up my top. As I’ve said for almost two years, we do whatever works. Whatever gets us the most sleep; letting nay-sayers be darned. So what if he wasn’t “sleep trained”? We were getting by & he was getting the extra milk I thought my lil guy might need in the middle of the night.

Well a couple weeks turned into months & months. And co-sleeping became our routine. We liked the cuddles, the convenience for dream-feeding, & being close after away from him all day. We talked about transitioning him back to a crib via baby steps into a pack-n-play in our room or the guest room so they still wouldn’t wake each other. But then we didn’t. And then L was sick again, then it was Zach’s turn, then his surgery & stomach bug.

But my turn at the stomach bug last Thursday night was kinda a line in the sand. Vomiting your brains {& dinner & lunch} out then your son wanting to nurse & sleep on your pillow was rough.

When we went to GA & Jason’s parents’ house last weekend {post to come!}, we did their bedtime routine in our shared room, then put both L & Z in side by side pack-n-plays. I’ll be honest, Jason & I went to bed just after L & Z, fully expecting to be up most of the night with Z {& maybe L too} awake due to being in strange bed. And he slept til 4 before crying & us pulling him up between us!

The following night, L & Z went down to sleep fine & both lasted til 515a when the husband’s forgotten alarm had us all awake then snuggling in the queen size bed.

With those sleeping successes, we discussed trying Z out in his bed when we returned home. But I had a work conference Sunday & Monday, & I fully did not expect changes from our routine made while I was gone.

To my shock, my Dad & husband did a modified CIO with Zach that Sunday night & within 20-30 minutes of tears & fussing that first night, Zach was asleep in his crib. And even cooler, Lucy had gone & stayed asleep while Z was carrying on! When he woke up in the middle of the night, Jason did bring him into our bed to co-sleep til morning.

Monday night, Z put himself to sleep in 5-10 minutes & lasted in his crib all night. My arrival in the mix of bedtime Tuesday meant a few tears & cuddles, but he still put himself to sleep within just a few minutes & slept through the night!

Y’all this might be a bit premature, but we’re on a streak of sleep here. For everyone! It’s wild & crazy. Who knew what 8 hours of straight sleep was like?! Not this momma for more than TWO YEARS!!!

Christmas Tree

Oh look, it’s almost the end of Dec & I’m just getting around to sharing photos from the second weekend. Sadly, this is typical by now.

We jumped into the festive spirit after our breakfast with Mary & Joseph & trip to meet Santa earlier in the day. So Saturday evening we piled into the van, headed to Lowes & found our tree!


Getting our tree & we helped put lights on aunt Sue's tree on her birthday

My goal was to have it {& the rest of the house} decorated that night. Instead, we had a blank tree for a day, then one lit without ornaments. Finally two days later, ornaments!

I didn’t put up my usual fake owl tree in the kitchen to make it easier on myself for undecorating. Since Z & L love owls, I put some at their eye level instead. They did great with the tree. Admiring it from behind the fence but not really trying to mess with it.

The End is Near

It hasnt always been easy, but the three of us have mostly had a love-love-love relationship with breastfeeding. But the end is near. I shared my thoughts on slowing weaning & being on the verge of quitting pumping at LWM this week.

After 18+ months of up to 8 times a day nursing & pumping, I’m so close to being done that I can hardly smell the breast milk boob sweat anymore. {TMI?! Please tell this happened to you too?}

We began weaning Thanksgiving weekend cutting out the morning session & no longer offering breastfeeding during the day. I didn’t refuse if L or Z came running up yelling ‘Mommy’ & pulling up/down my sweater, but I wasn’t running around topless like the newborn all-day-buffet-days either.

Jump over to read the rest & give me advice at Liberating Working Moms.

Lucy: Seventeen Months

Where do I even begin?! It’s hard to convey Lucy’s wild little personality in words. How she’s hilarious & shy & a pistol all at the same time. Toddlerhood isn’t for the weak. Lucy can go from legs kicking tantrum because she gave me her sock but then wished she didn’t to laughing & smiling 2 seconds later.

Lucy is kicking butt at learning her body parts. This is mostly thanks to daycare, but she knows & often points/touches while saying eye, nose, ear. She points to her feet/toes & loves to show off her tummy & belly button.

She uses the signs ‘all done’ & ‘more’ while saying them too. She’s started calling J & I Daddy & Mommy vs Dada & Mama. She even said ‘bye Daddy’ when J dropped her off at daycare Fri. She says duck & owl {ok, ok I might be brainwashing my Chi O legacy} & we can understand her trying to say puppy & bunny.

Speaking of bunny, all the sudden miss Lulu is obsessed with stuffed animals. Her favorite is her North American Bear Company baby long legs Bunny. The arms, legs & ears are perfect for her little hands to hold & snuggle. If Bunny is mia, her second choice is one of two dolls. She says baby all the time. Not sure if she’s calling her dolls or herself that. But it’s so cute. The stuffed owls I amassed in college have a new use as some of her favorites too.

Books, push & riding toys & shape/stacking blocks are other favorite toys she likes second to the stuffed animals. She likes to play dress up more now too. Wearing my bracelets, putting toys on as bracelets & loves shoes {mine or discovering ones I’ve bought sizes ahead for her}.

Of course, anything Zach has is exactly what she wants. Even if it’s not really something she usually plays with. She loves Zach more than he sometimes likes her too. She’s still learning the concept of soft/gentle touches as we received a few incident reports 2 weeks ago of her biting multiple friends a day! We’re practicing lots of being a ‘sweet girl’ at home & hugging Brother vs tackling him. This is a work in progress.

It’s wild to think just a few months ago I was pondering when she’d walk when now she’s walking & running everywhere. The stairs at my parents’ house this past weekend were a treat as she learned that she could walk up them holding the rail bars & Mommy’s hand.

Lucy’s our big girl. Thankfully we haven’t been to the doctor for a few weeks {2 weeks is a long time for JMA to not see us :-/}. Since we’ve been well {yay!} I don’t know her weight but I’d guess 24-26 lbs. She’s still fitting well in 18 month clothes & we’ve moved out of Gymboree & gap 12-18 into 18-24 mo there. She’s in size 4.5w stride rite shoes now.

I bought our first set of size 4 disposable diapers at Target this weekend. Daycares been sending notes home saying our one size cloth diapers are too small for her. I’ve been letting them out bigger but also sending in a few disposable diapers if they feel like the diapers I dropped off that am don’t fit L.

Lucy loves to eat. Pizza, string cheese, fruit, applesauce from squeeze tubes are some of her favorites.

Happy monthday baby girl!


Lucy: the serious, silly, inquisitive, bossy, hands-behind-back, awesome.

{Wrote back on Oct. 20. Publishing unedited & unfinished. Sorry, Lucy girl such is life these days keeping up with you & Z.}