Christmas Tree

Oh look, it’s almost the end of Dec & I’m just getting around to sharing photos from the second weekend. Sadly, this is typical by now.

We jumped into the festive spirit after our breakfast with Mary & Joseph & trip to meet Santa earlier in the day. So Saturday evening we piled into the van, headed to Lowes & found our tree!


Getting our tree & we helped put lights on aunt Sue's tree on her birthday

My goal was to have it {& the rest of the house} decorated that night. Instead, we had a blank tree for a day, then one lit without ornaments. Finally two days later, ornaments!

I didn’t put up my usual fake owl tree in the kitchen to make it easier on myself for undecorating. Since Z & L love owls, I put some at their eye level instead. They did great with the tree. Admiring it from behind the fence but not really trying to mess with it.

The End is Near

It hasnt always been easy, but the three of us have mostly had a love-love-love relationship with breastfeeding. But the end is near. I shared my thoughts on slowing weaning & being on the verge of quitting pumping at LWM this week.

After 18+ months of up to 8 times a day nursing & pumping, I’m so close to being done that I can hardly smell the breast milk boob sweat anymore. {TMI?! Please tell this happened to you too?}

We began weaning Thanksgiving weekend cutting out the morning session & no longer offering breastfeeding during the day. I didn’t refuse if L or Z came running up yelling ‘Mommy’ & pulling up/down my sweater, but I wasn’t running around topless like the newborn all-day-buffet-days either.

Jump over to read the rest & give me advice at Liberating Working Moms.

Lucy: Seventeen Months

Where do I even begin?! It’s hard to convey Lucy’s wild little personality in words. How she’s hilarious & shy & a pistol all at the same time. Toddlerhood isn’t for the weak. Lucy can go from legs kicking tantrum because she gave me her sock but then wished she didn’t to laughing & smiling 2 seconds later.

Lucy is kicking butt at learning her body parts. This is mostly thanks to daycare, but she knows & often points/touches while saying eye, nose, ear. She points to her feet/toes & loves to show off her tummy & belly button.

She uses the signs ‘all done’ & ‘more’ while saying them too. She’s started calling J & I Daddy & Mommy vs Dada & Mama. She even said ‘bye Daddy’ when J dropped her off at daycare Fri. She says duck & owl {ok, ok I might be brainwashing my Chi O legacy} & we can understand her trying to say puppy & bunny.

Speaking of bunny, all the sudden miss Lulu is obsessed with stuffed animals. Her favorite is her North American Bear Company baby long legs Bunny. The arms, legs & ears are perfect for her little hands to hold & snuggle. If Bunny is mia, her second choice is one of two dolls. She says baby all the time. Not sure if she’s calling her dolls or herself that. But it’s so cute. The stuffed owls I amassed in college have a new use as some of her favorites too.

Books, push & riding toys & shape/stacking blocks are other favorite toys she likes second to the stuffed animals. She likes to play dress up more now too. Wearing my bracelets, putting toys on as bracelets & loves shoes {mine or discovering ones I’ve bought sizes ahead for her}.

Of course, anything Zach has is exactly what she wants. Even if it’s not really something she usually plays with. She loves Zach more than he sometimes likes her too. She’s still learning the concept of soft/gentle touches as we received a few incident reports 2 weeks ago of her biting multiple friends a day! We’re practicing lots of being a ‘sweet girl’ at home & hugging Brother vs tackling him. This is a work in progress.

It’s wild to think just a few months ago I was pondering when she’d walk when now she’s walking & running everywhere. The stairs at my parents’ house this past weekend were a treat as she learned that she could walk up them holding the rail bars & Mommy’s hand.

Lucy’s our big girl. Thankfully we haven’t been to the doctor for a few weeks {2 weeks is a long time for JMA to not see us :-/}. Since we’ve been well {yay!} I don’t know her weight but I’d guess 24-26 lbs. She’s still fitting well in 18 month clothes & we’ve moved out of Gymboree & gap 12-18 into 18-24 mo there. She’s in size 4.5w stride rite shoes now.

I bought our first set of size 4 disposable diapers at Target this weekend. Daycares been sending notes home saying our one size cloth diapers are too small for her. I’ve been letting them out bigger but also sending in a few disposable diapers if they feel like the diapers I dropped off that am don’t fit L.

Lucy loves to eat. Pizza, string cheese, fruit, applesauce from squeeze tubes are some of her favorites.

Happy monthday baby girl!


Lucy: the serious, silly, inquisitive, bossy, hands-behind-back, awesome.

{Wrote back on Oct. 20. Publishing unedited & unfinished. Sorry, Lucy girl such is life these days keeping up with you & Z.}

Lucy: Sixteen Months

Lucy, whew, she’s our wild one. My mom calls her a pistol & she’s right on target. Lucy’s discovered climbing, running, & that she’s all but tall enough to reach table & counter tops. Her newest obsession is puling out tissues from the box by the handfuls! Anyone need a tissue? Lucy’s got a stack ready here!

She’s the cutest mess ever though. Look at this smile when she realized she’d successfully scaled her wooden chest built by my grandfather. Such a stinker! She was a stinker too attempting to throw herself off here too.


Lucy’s well into 18 mo sized clothes. I’ve been selling her 12 mo ones & some tighter 18 mo onesies I’d thought would last through fall/winter! She’s our big girl weighing in 2 weeks ago around 23-24 lbs.

Lucy loves food. Grilled cheese, animal crackers, bananas, blueberries, chicken, casseroles, yogurt, applesauce, quesadillas & she can put away some black beans. She’s not afraid to place what she doesn’t love aside on her tray though too.

She scoffed at Gatorade & Pedilite while sick. She’s not a big juice fan either. Lucy’s learned to drink with straw though so water at restaurants is
a new fun treat for her. Thankfully she’s still a big milk fan. Like Zach she’s up to 4 of her 5.5 oz daycare sippys are organic whole milk. Baby girl still loves nursing, but I’ve been giving her whole milk at meals {per Dr recommendation} & sometimes through out weekend days {dwindling supply}.

While she had her bad cold/stomach bug, we were able to ward off ear infections too thanks to her tubes. I think thanks to her tubes, in the 6 weeks since the surgery, her language skills have blossomed! She mimics so many words now it’s crazy! I’m working on ‘love you’ but she’s not there just yet. “All done” she’s said & signed for a couple weeks which is so convenient!

Lucy girl, happy belated 16 months!

Zach: Sixteen Months

Over a week late in writing & posting this. But things have been a bit hectic recently as our lil Z man wasn’t feeling well for 2+ weeks!

He missed 8 days of daycare & spent time home with me, my husband & 4 days last week with his Pops. His stomach issues settled down last week, his fever went away Thurs & rash was gone by Sat night. I think he had stomach bug plus Roseola. After all that, we thankfully *finally* have him back to his healthy smiling self!

And while the post is delayed, I did actually manage to take 16 month photos on the 21st.
Zach 16 months

Zach is still book obsessed. The only way I was able to get him to sit still long enough for me to snap a photo was by putting Little Blue Truck part two in his hands. I think Pops lost track of how many times he read Zach Good Night Trucks while he watched him last week.

Because of his sicknesses, Z man was weighed a bunch at the doctor recently. The highest weight was 21 lbs! Woohoo! We’ve graduated him into all 12 month clothes. I’ve just washed some short sleeve 18 mo rompers since we weren’t able to make his 12 mo ones snap. He’s a tall but skinny Lil Dude. Size 3 disposables still fit & since his diaper rash is gone {he was on 2 prescription ointments}, we were able to start cloth diapering him this Tuesday morning.

Zach’s on an organic plain yogurt with bananas kick. Loves the stuff! Which has worked out great to pump him full of probiotics too. He’s also a fan of sliced pears, goldfish, chicken tenders, grilled cheese sandwiches & wants to try whatever we’re eating from us even if it’s already on his tray!

He’s still doing well with sippy cups & up to 4 oz whole milk topping rest off with an oz or two of pumped milk. We tried to push water or watered down Gatorade or juice when he was sick. No thanks to Gatorade or pedilite. He only likes water at restaurants when he can suck it out of a straw. He sampled apple juice at Costco & was loving it, but he only likes it so/so at home. I’m okay with him enjoying drinking milk best & {hopefully} continuing to pack on the pounds.

Zach is a busy dude now that he’s back healthy. Running everywhere! Riding on their toys. Pushing their car & popcorn poppers. Bouncing & bopping to music. He likes to be chased, & he laughs & laughs when you tickle his toes or kiss his neck. He might be a soccer start as much as he likes to kick balls & he has fun throwing balls too.

His wubba pacis still aren’t far away. His Monkey he called Monk Monk the other night. He will throw them down if he wants to drink, play or talk though. He has been saying more lately including telling us ‘all done’ {a sign & phrase I’ve been doing for months} after dinner Mon night. I think that might’ve been his first two word phrase. He’s started calling J Daddy instead of Dada too.

My lil guy is growing up! Happy {very belated} 16 months Zach!

Fifteen Month Appointment

We ended up taking Zach to the pediatrician last Thursday. {The pic of him sleeping on the cot is from when I arrived. So cute!} We & daycare were concerned over his dry cough coupled with a low grade fever, runny nose & lack of appetite. $20 copay later, no croup just a cold. And since we were scheduled for their 15 mo appt the following day, I asked the doctor I’d she could go ahead with it while we’re already there vs coming back. Since he wasn’t deemed sick, they said yes!

So Zach’s official weigh was a hefty 19 lbs 9.6 oz making him in the 9th percentile for weight! The biggest yet! Even better, he’d grown 3 inches since May putting him at 30 inches tall & in the 12th percentile! Great news for my littlest dude.

He took the shots like a champ & we succeeded in trashing the room, so we headed home. Couldn’t help but take & share a pic of our ‘super boy’ in his new bath towel.


Lucy & J went to their regularly scheduled appointment last Friday morning. Lucy weighed in at 22 lb & 7.5 oz {68th percentile!} & was 30.25 inches tall {39th percentile}. I was thinking she’d weigh more & she looks more than 1/4 inch taller than Zach. But that’s what they got that am. Still so very proud of her percentages. Such an awesome big girl!

Her doctor was thrilled with vocabulary & development overall. Said they appeared to be doing great & were caught up/on target with birth date babies vs adjusted age.

I was flustered Thurs {& we saw a Dr I’m not familiar with} & wasn’t there Friday, so some questions I wanted to discuss like sleeping & night weaning weren’t addressed.

The Dr Zach saw didn’t think it necessary to keep putting carnation instant breakfast in all their whole milk. J forgot to ask the other Dr. But I’ve decided to cut that back to half the amount of powder in their daycare sippy whole milk. And we’ve introduced whole milk without it too. So we’ll see there.

We’re also going to focus on offering milk with meals. Lucy nursing before dinner & afterwards before bed, so I hadn’t been giving her any liquids during. But I guess I should be! So we are now. That’s leading to milk showers & puddles on their trays, but it’s a learning curve like everything else.

I’m thrilled we have good toddler eaters & drinkers who keep spiking up their growth charts! Very proud of my former 4 & 6 pound preemies!