Babies First Trip

This was my pack list put together after googling {& subsequently freaking out} last week. Thank goodness  my parents’ came down Friday night to help us get organized & packed up Saturday morning.

Dressy Outfits {x3 for Suz, x2 per baby}, Casual Outfits {x6 for babies}, Jackets {didn’t bring}
Underwear, Nursing Bras, Socks {4}, Pajamas {2 Per Baby}
Sunglasses, Suz sandals
Purse + Diaper Bag, Jewelry/Watch
Breast Pump & Accessories, Suz snacks
Bottles, Nipples {10}
Bottle Brush, Dish soap, Cleaning Tub
Enfacare, Brestfriend Pillow, Boppy
Burp Cloths {4}, Bibs {4}
Shampoo, Conditioner {sample size baby wash}
Make-Up Bag/Shaving Kit, Hair Products
Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste
Books, Rocking Chair, Lovey/Blankie/Wubbas
Diapering (In Addition to Diaper Bag)
Disposable Changing Pads, Diaper Cream?
Box of Wipes, Diapers {25}
Baby Gear
Baby Carrier (Ergos) {we ended up leaving these at home}
Car Seat (& Car Seat Base)
Pacifiers & Pacifier Hooks
Baby Monitor {didn’t bring}
Travel Crib {didn’t use since hotel had two}, Travel Crib Sheets (2), sleep sheep/giraffe
Swaddle Blankets
Tummy Medicine, Prescription Medicines, Baby Tylenol {didn’t have to use thank God}

Crazy right? But we pretty much used everything. And were very glad for the extra bibs & clothes as Lucy went through three outfits before 1p Sunday.

Papa visited the babies while they were in the NICU was didn’t hold them until Saturday.

Papa & Zachy poo

He was so great with them!

Papa holding Lucy for the first time

The babies made themselves right at home at his condo. We set up blankets & the rocker & boppy on the floor for playtime &  napping.

Nothing like full bellies & comfy spots for napping

They did great at the hotel for Mom & Dad Saturday night. They woke for their dream feed at 4 then slept again until 730/745a. Zach & I rocked side lying feeding for the first time. They had a blast playing on the bed while Mom & I were getting ready.

Good morning babies!

Zach & his brunch attire

Lucy spit up on her brunch dress before we left the condo building.

The babies were the hit of Cypress brunch. Mom & Papa carried them everywhere wanting to show them off. It was really cute.

Lucy & her Pops at brunch

Lucy loved the attention & Zach slept through most of it. 🙂

Papa entertaining Lucy & saying bye before we left

We stopped by to see Jenny & the trips & buy 6-12 month clothes on the way home where Zach was the entertainment & Lucy pooped! They did great sleeping most of the car ride home. One successful trip down, lots more to go!

B & Kevin’s Couples Shower

Beth {who ended up sick & unable to attend}, Kelly, Kim & I {& technically our spouses} gave our good friend B & her hubby-to-be an uptown Charlotte shower Saturday night.

The hostesses & the bride-to-be

We went with a luau themed drinks & dessert party.

All set up & ready for the guests!

For the drinks part served: Diana’s punch aka spiked Hawaiian punch, red & white wine, sodas & water, & had a 1/4 keg of Miller lite.

Cookies, Brownies, Dessert Sliders & Lemon Squares

Our desserts included: chocolate chip cookie bites, brownie bites, strawberries, pineapples, marshmallows, pretzels & melted milk chocolate in a chafing dish for dipping all the above.

Melted chocolate goodness for all!

We also had lemon squares with blueberries & raspberries, dessert sliders & vanilla cupcakes.

G cupcakes!

We decorated the cupcakes with mini umbrellas, hung Chinese lanterns, had wreaths made of the umbrellas & had bright flowers throughout. Oh & gave the happy couples lais!

They were a trip opening gifts~ taking their time & being so sweet!

The happy couple & the pitcher I gave them.

Laughing & joking & being so happy to have all their favorite people together in one place.

Party group!

Based on this crowd & party, I know the Apr wedding is going to be a blast!

B’s bridesmaids

The New Suz

The new Suz is much like the old one. Likes fun, friends, & traveling. Loves owls {especially on baby clothes!}, pizza, college football {Go Pack!} & beer. Enjoys reading, reality TV, sleeping & shopping.

The new Suz though has been working her way out of the haze of the first 18 weeks as a mom of two babies. The haze of little sleep, lots of family taking over her house help, & too much TV. Not enough of seeing friends or beer & no travel.

But I’m beginning to feel like me.

Me, who’s got a handle on breastfeeding & pumping at work for twins.

Me, who, thanks to daycare wearing the babies out, is consistently getting 5-7 hours of {sometimes broken up} sleep.

Me, who’s learned that time chillin on the couch reading or watching TV can only come after bottles are washed & prepared; cloth diapers are washed, dried & packed for daycare; clothes for babies are set out for the next day.

Me, who’s looking forward to our first weekend away this Saturday. With my parents’ help, I’ll have a night of fun & friends, showering & celebrating B & Kevin’s upcoming wedding. Shopping for the bridesmaids dress. Chatting & laughing & drinking {just a bit} with college friends.

I’ll be back Sunday afternoon. I imagine I’ll be travel weary but with a happy, refreshed heart. {& with lots of photos from the shower & of the babies hanging out with their grandparents & great-grandfather!}

Happy Friday?!

I was hoping I could write a happy Infertile Friday post today. Not in a “I’m pregnant” kind of happy. That’d be ecstatic happy. I was hoping for normal happy.

And now as I type this with a strong cocktail in hand, I’m happy. I’m surrounded by my parents & aunt, & tonight I will enjoy good home cooked food for the first time in five days.

But this week was another crazy one working hours away from home in the claims department. Eleven hour days filled with phone calls, check folding, writing, file organizing, & excel spreadsheet entry.

I left work at 315p ready to fight the rain for 3 hours on my way up to Richmond. Five minutes later, I’m crying as I walk embarrassed back in the office letting them know I just crashed the company car into a brick column. It’s just a sort of small horizontal dent in the back bumper only. I’m not hurt. It’s not that big of a deal. But it still sucks. And since I didn’t have cell service at all I couldn’t even call my supervisor or bosses to let them know. The managers of the claims office took photos & were going to email them to my manager.

I’m spent just typing this. And I’ve got nothing to say on the infertility front. Since my cervix dilation, I have had a lot more CM which is an awesome sign. But my being away from home & husband for two weeks means pretty much no likelihood of pregnancy this cycle. But I’ve been so busy I haven’t really had time to think about it & I’ve really been okay. So long story short. I’m okay. My company car is kinda okay. And I’m off to have another drink. Happy Infertile Friday y’all.



This past week I’ve been 99% unplugged. I was in Edenton, NC & spent 11 hours a day in the claims office & the other time at a local B&B. Nice people. Pretty historic district. Some good restaurants. No cell service with my provider.

I could go a few miles south to a restaurant to have it, but where I was all week: nothing. There was a bit of WiFi at the B&B but only if I was in the other part of the place or a certain middle spot on the bed. So without my control, I took a week off from twitter, my google reader, & blogging here too. I’m going to try to play catch up before I head back there Monday morning.

So thanks to Irene, I’ll have two weeks unplugged from city life. From normal day-to-day life. From 4G internet. From Moe kitty. And from Husband. And thus, from TTC.

We decided we’d just let or not let things happen on our own this month. No crazy old wives tales & no meds. I chose to make these work travel plans around future RE appointments realizing that meant that I was probably ovulating in a B&B in Eastern NC alone yesterday. Here’s hoping the $$ I make helping out is enough for a IUI cycle or two or that this weekend home does the trick. 😉

Another Infertile Friday. Hope your week was filled with hope & happiness. Sometimes a week unplugged can do that for you.

Went home a BlogHer vet?

I woke up Sunday 8/7 knowing I had to quickly say goodbye to my now good buddy, Miranda {Diana had left in the middle of the night}. I helped Miranda ship off some of her swag & Diana’s forgotten laptop. While in the hotel lobby {in my pj top no less}, I was able to say goodbye to Erika, Casey, & Katie as well as figure out that Nichole & I had similar flights out.

I’m still in shock that Alena collected enough swag to fill a double bed, that my swag filled a huge suitcase, & that my Scout bag made for the perfect carry on. Yes, you can call us BlogHer newbie swaghags. I love free shit. I won’t buy shopping bags, lip stuff, cloth diapers, water bottles or pens for a while. I’m thrilled with the children’s toys, other toys, books, nail polish, gifts & gift cards I brought home.

After a hastily eaten quesadilla with Jen & Angela, I said goodbye to Hannah & Alena, dragged my bags & checked out of the beautiful hotel. Nichole & I left at noon & chatted non-stop until her flight left at 330. It was great to have more one on one time to talk infertility & future blogging as well as having someone to watch your bags while you enjoyed a diet coke or as in my case, figured out all my delays. I hated saying goodbye but am already enjoying a closer online relationship with her.

Knowing I still had time in San Diego plus a very close lay over, I switched to sit closer to my gate & found Molly. Yay for more bloggy chats in the airport. With hugs goodbye, I boarded the flight to Phoenix. My Phoenix to RDU flight ended up being delayed 3 hours which meant I was able to get on it yet it also meant that I arrived in Raleigh at 3am.

Was the BlogHer hangover worth it? Absolutely. Have you seen that it took four posts to recap the fun?! I love the women I met, the companies I connected with, the friendships I grew. I realized from BlogHer that I like who I am & came home maybe a little more confident that I could go off kinda {but not really} alone & have a rocking good time. BlogHer taught me to feel like a real blogger/writer now instead of this girl who does this thing on the internet.

I felt a bit that BlogHer was like high school for me {yes, I’m a weirdo who enjoyed HS}. I loved & tried to be involved in so many groups because I hated to not spend time with everyone. And I still feel like I didn’t get enough time with each individual blogger. I don’t know what I’d skip, but I left craving more time to absorb awesomeness from so many ladies I just barely had time to chat with & hug.

Will I be photographing & running around in NYC for BlogHer12? Maybe. While I admired & enjoyed seeing the babywearing blogging mommas, I don’t think I’d want to do that. I also don’t think I’d enjoy BlogHer super pregnant. So BlogHer12 is a maybe. And if I’m not there, someone better take 500 photos, so I can live it vicariously through them!

With that, my BlogHer recaps are done. Can I call myself a BlogHer veteran yet?!