I saw this or a similar recipe online somewhere at some point kind of recently {how’s that for specific?!}. Of course Sunday night when I went to start cooking, I couldn’t find it. Thanks to pinterest & it’s search function, I found this blog post. I altered the recipe some, so I’m posting what I did.

Cheez It Chicken


1 1/3 c cheez its, crushed

chicken breasts, boneless skinless & cut into strips

honey mustard

non-stick spray


Preheat oven to 475. Place aluminum foil in lipped baking pan. Spray it with non-stick spray {I skipped this & regretted it}.

Place crackers in a bowl & smash them as much as possible.

Squirt out honey mustard into another bowl. I didn’t measure & added more as needed.

Coat chicken with honey mustard then crackers. This is messy but easiest if you just use your hands. Repeat for each strip, placing them on the pan afterwards.

Spray chicken with non-stick spray. Cook for 15-20 mins, flipping once, or until golden brown.

My husband’s paranoid of raw chicken. We cooked 20 minutes & as you can see some of the bigger cheez-it pieces were burnt. I dipped mine into BBQ sauce & ketchup {I’m like a two year old that loves to dip}. I liked it plain or with BBQ sauce. I think the internet also recommended dipping in honey mustard.

We started with veggies & chips with Wholly Guacamole {thanks BlogHer coupons} & then I served the chicken with Spanish rice since that’s what was in the pantry.┬áIt was a great, easy but still kinda-made-from-scratch meal.