This past weekend, I gave my friend B the Chi O T-shirt quilt my Nana finished for her in April. She loved it as you can see here with her own blog post about it. I realized seeing that post that I’d never made one about mine or the one Nana made for Kelly.

Mine came first after I got the idea from my good friend & sorority big sister Melissa who’s super crafty & made her own. I found some sample ones online. Nana is super crafty & was able to create a pattern for it. We decided 4 shirts across & 5 shirts down. Next the hard part was deciding which 20 shirts!! I found NCSU fabric at Walmart for in between the shirts & a cute red & white dots fabric for the back & sides. I decided to have my shirts in order of event date even though that meant a few slashing colors are close by. Nana calls mine the “rough draft”, but I say its anything but!