This weekend I’m trying out a different frame of mind. Instead of thinking of this past year & a half as wasted time {& us being childless}, I’m trying to appreciate my life as it is. So this weekend, I’m being thankful of all the things we do that we couldn’t necessarily do once we have children.

Things like deciding last minute to go to out to dinner at 8p on a Friday night. And being able to just get in the car & decide where on the way. {We decided El Rodeo. The quesadilla & beers were delicious!}

I appreciate being able to sleep in on a Saturday until 10a. Then lazily making scrambled eggs together. Walking the lake with a friend while the husband works on his car. Saturday afternoon movie watching on the couch or afternoon naps. Nights out with girls where you don’t have to worry about fixing dinner/diapers/bath-times before you head out.

While I’d give anything for us to be pregnant or even already have our child at this point, I’m going to focus & concentrate on being thankful for a happy, healthy relationship & enjoying being child-free {for now}.

Moms, what’s something you miss from your pre-kid days? What else should I appreciate for now?