Tracy, the creative mind behind the awesome website, Liberating Working Moms, messaged me a couple weeks ago. I was honored & humbled that she thought I was worthy of guest posting on LWM. We decided for my  post {hopefully first of multiple} to describe why I choose to be a working mom of multiples.

For the last eight years, I defined myself as a working girl woman. Sometimes begrudgingly on rainy cold Monday mornings & warm, sunny Friday afternoons. But a faithful, full time employee none the less.

Then {finally!} I became pregnant, & I had hints early on that it was to be a BIG pregnancy. My worker status became taken over by my being Pregnant {with a capital P indeed}. When word at work spread {& it spread shockingly fast} that I was pregnant with multiples, I suddenly became the Pregnant Employee. Pregnant came before employee in my mind & somewhat thankfully the minds of my coworkers who suddenly thought I wanted advice from all {not really} & thought they could ask completely inappropriate questions {why is that?}.

The number one question coworkers {even ones I didn’t know} asked: ‘are you coming back?’ or phrased ‘you aren’t coming back, are you!?’.

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