Oh look, it’s almost the end of Dec & I’m just getting around to sharing photos from the second weekend. Sadly, this is typical by now.

We jumped into the festive spirit after our breakfast with Mary & Joseph & trip to meet Santa earlier in the day. So Saturday evening we piled into the van, headed to Lowes & found our tree!


Getting our tree & we helped put lights on aunt Sue's tree on her birthday

My goal was to have it {& the rest of the house} decorated that night. Instead, we had a blank tree for a day, then one lit without ornaments. Finally two days later, ornaments!

I didn’t put up my usual fake owl tree in the kitchen to make it easier on myself for undecorating. Since Z & L love owls, I put some at their eye level instead. They did great with the tree. Admiring it from behind the fence but not really trying to mess with it.