With our ‘getting Lucy & Zach to eat’ struggles behind us, a new challenge has emerged: having enough on hand to satisfy them.

I’ve made it a goal to attempt to give them healthy, wholesome food. Preferably organic & homemade when possible. That’s not to say that they don’t eat their weight in puffs & yogurt melts out of plastic cans. And for busy weeks & traveling & dining out, I’ve purchased organic baby food pouches {I like the Happy Baby ones}.

Even though I’ve mentioned on LWM what they’re eating, I thought I’d share that again & include a few recipes.

Thankfully, as they are edging closer & closer to 12 months, the list of ‘no no’ foods is almost gone. To be honest, that’s been a little hard to keep track of.

Lucy & Zach have yet to try nuts {including peanut butter}, honey, & beef. I gave them strawberries last weekend for the first time. They’ve had all fruit including blueberries & melons for a while. We’ve stayed pretty clear of desserts & sweets, but they have tried bites of froyo & baby arrowroot cookies.

Way before Lucy & Zach arrived, I won a Fresh Baby So Easy baby food making kit. Included in the kit was a DVD on making baby foods {which I never had time to watch}, two baby food trays, & a baby food recipe book that I use all the time. I was gifted the Baby Bullet system at a shower along with an extra tray of storage containers.

Between the Baby Bullet & Fresh Baby recipe books, I haven’t really looked further. I stuck with single food purees until the last month. I microwave steam peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, spinach, califlower, brocoli, blueberries, pineapple, mango, pears with a little water until soft. {Already soft foods like avocado & bananas just get tossed straight in.} I puree whichever food in the Bullet with a little milk or formula added before freezing in trays or putting aside in the bullet storage tubes in the fridge.

Foods they love together I’ve started combining in the Bullet to make my life easier. I mix warm blueberries with ripe bananas {& mix that combo in plain yogurt!}. When I added too much milk to peas recently, I steamed frozen chopped brocoli & pureed those together.

Tuesday night I saved myself a step & pureed steamed spinach & sweet potatoes together as well as spinach & avocado. They babies loved the spinach/sweet potatoes with a little applesauce mixed it.

Weekend breakast for L & Z often is waffles {either homemade or Eggos}, shared between the two of them & served with sliced fruit. They like Cheerios too which is what they often get around 8a at daycare.

My mom arrived Sunday to drop off my dad {who’s staying with me while J’s working in CA for 2 weeks}. Mom had been given a recipe for munchkin meatballs from a coworker. Harris Teeter had organic ground chicken $2 off, so we used chicken instead of turkey & baby carrots vs one big one. Zach & even Lucy love these meatballs! Zach ate 2.5 Tuesday night! I have to admit I tried one & they are awesome. These might be a new munchkin staple at our house.

She also brought leftovers from a couples shower Saturday night including a twist on baked beans. We offered those to the babies & they adored them. Perfect for tiny hands to grab a bean & also for us & daycare to spoon feed.

As you can guess from above, we still mostly give Zach & Lucy separate foods from us. That’s my next goal: to have us all eating most of the same things. I don’t think they’re quite ready yet, but they will be soon. As I find with most things kiddo, as soon as I get used to & feel like I’m “getting it”, they’re close to being ready to move on & leave purees behind.

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