I’d posted a few of the recipes from the couples shower last Saturday night, but I thought I’d share a few photos also of the fun!
You’ll be able to tell the ones we took with our basic digital camera & the ones the sister of the bride took with her good camera! How cute are Matt & Katie!
Here’s my brother & his fiance Beth.The hosts & hostesses with the happy couple!The shower was organized by cocktail hour & appetizers downstairs in the basement & back porch & yard. Then we went upstairs for dinner buffet style. I just realized I didn’t take any photos of the great dinner spread. (I was too busy eating it!) Below is my mom, Beth, & Molly T.
After dinner it was gift time! Since most of the guests are family friends of the groom, I think people tried to get a few “manly” gifts. It was still fun to watch Matt & Katie’s excitement opening gifts. How cute are the two Moms?!We were laughing at that four of us were wearing Jacks or target Jacks when someone took this photo. Can you tell the difference?
Later on in the night I realized I’d taken more & not been in any photos so we took a few of the girls I grew up with and mom/daughter pics. They don’t look alike at all right? And now they’re both 9th grade English teachers since Molly got hired last month!
Matt & Katie, after this event I know everyone’s so looking forward to y’all’s wedding for more fun & celebrating!