I’m trying to get caught up on the books I checked out at the library a couple of weeks ago. I renewed them, but am a little late on a 1 week loan. I made the goal of finishing Not My Daughter this weekend~ I did this afternoon! A former coworker turned me onto Barbara Delinsky’s books. I read Family Tree (about a white couple who’s first child is born with mixed/black skin) first and have since read The Secret Between Us (about an accident with a mother & daughter) & While My Sister Sleeps (about two sisters & what happen if one gets hurt). All have been based in New England and have family & family ties as central themes. The premise for Not My Daughter is that the principal of the small town high school finds out her 17 year old daughter is pregnant on purpose. These books aren’t ones you have to concentrate hard to read, but they are a little more thought provoking than the average “chic lit”.Tonight I started Jodi Picoult’s most recent book, House Rules. It seems to be the story of a family who’s oldest son has Asperger’s & loves forensics. After reading all but one of her books, I know they kinda follow a familiar pattern or twist, but somehow I’m still interested in what happens in each new one that comes out. I tend to like her characters & get hooked in the stories. I think this one will be a pretty quick read~ I’m hoping to have it finished by next weekend so that I can read our book club selection, Midwives, before the 8th. Hope everyone had a good weekend & happy reading!