Our dishwasher died over the weekend. We spent 45+ minutes last night hand washing, drying & putting away our dirty dishes from the end of last week and the weekend.

I’m a little crunchy in that I feel genuinely bad about using paper/plastic plates and throwing them away. I guess I just feel like if we have plates why create the garbage unnecessarily?! Plus I’ve been so excited about having real china since we received them as wedding gifts. I don’t mind using paper/plastic at parties or tailgating, but if we’re home, we use real ones. Also, I don’t hand wash. My mom is the queen of making it all fit in the dishwasher & she’s taught me a thing or two. I don’t think dishes get cleaned as well if not in the dishwasher & I get grossed out by dirty dishes, especially ones that have been sitting around. That said, husband cleans the few items in our house that must be hand washed & he doesn’t plan to spending time all week cleaning dishes. I foresee a week of picking up food out, eating microwaved food on the container or eating on the dreaded paper plates!

So, our options are: find someone to check out our 15 year old Maytag dishwasher to see if it can be repaired or buy a new one! I’m voting to buy a new one because I don’t feel its cost effective to repair one that old. Any one bought a new one recently or know of any deals right now at Lowes/Sears/HH Gregg??