DivergentDivergent by Veronica Roth has been recommended to me for a long time. I threw it on my library wish list a couple months ago & instagrammed recently when I picked it up. Over & over, friends said, you have to read it! NOW! {I should have listened to them sooner.}

I decided to bring it with me to OIB. And while I didn’t have much relaxing beach reading time {hello, babies’ first day at the beach & afternoon in a baby pool!}.¬†Lucy & Zach¬†chilled on the car trip home & napped at the house Monday long enough for me to finish Just One Day & start reading Divergent Monday night. Y’all, I had all 400+ pages finished by Wednesday night. It was too good to put down. And Insurgent better come quick from the library as I can’t wait to read more of Tris’ story!

Divergent is of the YA genre, so it’s an easy, quick read. It might remind you of Hunger Games & Matched in that it’s a story based in a future, dystopian North America {Chicago area}. There’s PG rated teenage romance that’s sweet & cute. And crazy drama & action that makes you glad to be living now.

Before I was finished, I saved the date {10/22/13 for those interested} when then third book, Allegiant comes out. If you’re looking for a cant-put-it-down, addicting read that isn’t “light” in the story but won’t make your brain explode from thinking too hard, find these novels.