Have you about about Melissa from momcomm.com’s new DIY Blog Critique e-book?

I’m so glad Melissa is not only local, but someone I’d call a friend {we’re even FB official ha, ha}. She doesn’t know {yet} that I’m writing this, but from the first time I saw one of her popular blog critiques I knew she was talented. When she shared with our local bloggy group that she was working on an e-book, I knew I’d be one of her first purchasers, especially after she shared a preview page with us {on fonts~no Comic Sans please}.

You don’t have to be like me & stay up until 1am rushing through the first 17 of the 43 points because you just can’t stop. You can slowly go through them in a weekend, one a night, or however you want. This e-book is simple enough for new bloggers & with enough great content to keep bloggy veterans engaged. It will work if you’re still using blogger, wp.com, or have made the switch to wp.org.

I’m enjoying the subtle changes the DIY critique e-book has pushed me to make here. So far I’ve changed up my side bars & menus. I reviewed, analyzed & appreciated my design, header & colors. I’m still happy with my choices there. I’m behind-the-scenes focusing on SEO, post titles & working on font. Up next is the content portion which I know will make me push myself, so I’m looking forward to a free weekend to go though that section.

Momcomm is a great resource for all bloggers {not just moms} & if you haven’t already, go look at her e-book. It’s worth the introductory price of $14 {she’s talking about raising the price later this year}. If you’re not sure today, I’ve posted her badge on my sidebar to the right if you want to come back & check it out later.


I purchased Melissa’s e-book myself with my own money. I admire & like Melissa & her e-book enough that I joined her affiliate program & will make almost enough for a small Sbux hot tea if you purchase though my link, but even if I was making nothing, I’d still be sharing with y’all the awesomeness of her e-book without Melissa’s prompting.